Clotilde Armand gave in: Sector 1 City Hall financially supports Mavrogheni Parish for the construction of the center for children with Down syndrome and autism – News by sources

The Sector 1 Local Council approved in Wednesday’s meeting the financing of the construction of a center for the recovery of children with Down syndrome and autism.

According to a communiqué of the City Hall of Sector 1, the local councilors approved the Protocol for financing and carrying out in partnership some actions and works of public interest between the Local Council of Sector 1 and the Parish “Izvorul Tămăduirii” – Mavrogheni.

According to this draft decision, it is proposed to finance from the local budget the investment costs necessary to build a recovery center for people with Down Syndrome and Autism, within the parish “Spring of Healing” – Mavrogheni, fully equipped in Europe.

Also, together with these investment works, the candle and the agheasmatar will be reconfigured and arranged. The amount that will be allocated this year for financing investment works is 3,621,000 lei.

This center will provide integrated psychological, psychiatric, therapeutic, medical, educational and recovery services to children with Down Syndrome and Autism.

According to the specialized report made by the Investment Department within the City Hall of Sector 1, the new construction will have to house a Center for the recovery of children with Down syndrome and Autism, the first in the country of this complexity. The building will have a height of Ug + Gf + 2F and an area of ​​approximately 950 square meters.

The construction will house the following functions:

– Reception space;

– 10 medical offices, by specialties;

– 3 educational therapy workshops;

– A pool for aquakinetotherapy;

– Related horizontal and vertical circulations;

– Elevator for people;

– Locker rooms and shower cabins;

– Toilets;

– Ancillary spaces (thermal power plant, water household, detection plant and electrical panel).

The main benefits of this Center for the recovery of children with Down Syndrome and Autism are:

– Conditions will be created for children suffering from the two diseases to improve their skills, to be able to become tomorrow’s adults, able to enjoy an almost normal life, working and taking care of themselves;

– Families will be supported in treating and ameliorating these conditions, both morally and financially;

– A medical framework is created to allow access to specialists, parents and children to the latest studies and therapies in the field worldwide;

– It will promote self-respect and responsibility for other children with Down Syndrome and Autism, organizing meetings with children and young people with the same conditions in other regions of the country and abroad, camps and school trips.


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