Closure of FM Logistic, AJA victory against Toulouse, aid for students in the region… The main news of the week in Yonne

The FM Logistic platform in Savigny-sur-Clairis will close in the “last quarter of 2021”

In total, nearly 230 jobs are at risk. Inaugurated in 2018, the FM Logistic platform in Savigny-sur-Clairis will close at the end of 2021. The company, which stores products sold by Carrefour in Yonne, claims to do everything to “minimize the impact on employment and promote the reclassification of employees “.

“Promoting the reclassification of employees”: FM Logistic reacts to the announcement of the closure of its Savigny-sur-Clairis site

Two elected officials from the Greater Sénonais agglomeration attacked for defamation by Steve Campagne

Steve Campagne, parliamentary attaché to the deputy Modem Michèle Crouzet, lodged a defamation complaint against two elected representatives of the Grand Sénonais after lively exchanges on social networks.

The shops of the Clairions gallery, in Auxerre, are closing

The Yonne prefecture announced on Monday, February 1, that non-food businesses located in the Leclerc galleries in Saint-Denis-lès-Sens and Les Clairions in Auxerre, would be closed until further notice. Before going back on his decision concerning Saint-Denis-lès-Sens. A time also concerned, the Auchan Porte-de-Bourgogne shopping center in Sens escapes the measures.

AJA: 3-1 against Toulouse, a scoreless draw in Ajaccio this week for AJA

AJ Auxerre won against Toulouse (3-1), this Tuesday February 2, 2021, on behalf of the 23rd day of Ligue 2. A shock from the top of the table to relive via our live commentary. Traveling on the field of AC Ajaccio, this Friday, on behalf of the 24th day of Ligue 2, the AJA did not have so much luck in conceding a draw after a game without a goal. A first this season for the Auxerrois.

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AJA striker Rémy Dugimont adds an exceptional goal to his collection

The threshold of 200 deaths linked to Covid-19 has been crossed in the Yonne nursing homes

In its weekly report, Santé Publique France announces, this Friday, February 5, 2021, that the bar of 200 deaths linked to Covid-19 has been crossed in accommodation establishments for dependent elderly people (Ehpad) in Yonne, with 202 victims.

Respect for the curfew: we followed a gendarmerie patrol from the Auxerre company

Bourgogne Franche-Comté releases monthly aid of 200 € for 5,000 students weakened by the health crisis

An envelope of € 4 million was adopted this Friday, February 5, 2021, at the Burgundy Franche-Comté regional council. The Region must grant € 200 monthly aid to around 5,000 students vulnerable by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The excess mortality curve in Bourgogne Franche-Comté is slipping slightly at the start of 2021

Faced with the fear of users of the TER Dijon-Tonnerre line, the region is tempering

Users of the TER line, connecting Dijon (Côte-d’Or) to Tonnerre, fear “a disappearance of certain stops after the health crisis”, explains Lucie Ligeron. “The health crisis forced, from the start of September, to reorganize the service, recognizes the one who is also the editor of an online petition for the safeguard of the line. The problem is that this reorganization has made it disappear trains”.

Recognized responsible for the fatal accident in Malay-le-Petit in 2015, the driver was sentenced to two years in prison

A 32-year-old Senon was tried this Thursday, February 4, 2021 for manslaughter and unintentional injuries, before the Sens correctional court. The facts date back to October 10, 2015, in Malay-le-Petit.

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In Auxerre, the replacement of the first deputy will have to wait after the health crisis

For the second time, the municipal council of Auxerre was held in the wake of that of the Agglomeration, this Thursday, February 4, 2021. For lack of face-to-face meeting of elected officials, due to the coronavirus epidemic, the appointment of a new first deputy will have to wait two more months. At least.

The arrival of future hydrogen buses in Auxerre is taking shape



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