Closer to World War, NATO Immediately Responds to Russia’s Desire to Build a New Military Alliance in the World by Surrounding Moscow Using a Number of Warships, Putin Is Furious! – All Pages

Sosok.ID – An unusual sight occurred at the entrance to the Black Sea.

A number warship sophisticated flag Then lined up one by one into the sea area.

The arrival of a number warship it became an uncommon sight to be associated with the outbreak of war.

Even the Russian leader, Vladimir Putin, responded strongly to what was happening in one of the seas directly adjacent to his country.

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Now the tension between the two sides is getting worse.

This is related to the desire of Russia and China to build a new military alliance in the world as a form of resistance to the United States (US) military.

The Black Sea was in turmoil again.

Russia’s Black Sea Fleet carries out continuous monitoring of a group of warships from NATO member countries entering the Black Sea.

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“The troops and capabilities of the Black Sea Fleet continue to monitor the NATO mine-fighting warship group that entered the Black Sea on October 29, 2020,” the Russian National Defense Control Center said, Thursday (29/10), as quoted. TASS.

The NATO mine-fighting warship group includes the Greek Navy (AL) landing craft Aliakmon, the French Navy mine-destroyer Orion, the Italian Navy minesweeper Alghero, and the Spanish Navy coastal minesweeper Duero.

Earlier, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said the situation on Russia and Belarus’ borders with NATO member states remained tense.

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The intensity of NATO’s military exercises has not diminished

“The uncomfortable situation remains on the western border of Union State (Russia and Belarus), where NATO continues to build its presence at the front,” said Shoigu, Tuesday (27/10), as quoted Reuters.

“In the current military and political situation in the region, and also amidst new challenges and threats, especially from international terrorism,

The Russian Defense Ministry views providing Union State military security as its priority task, “he said.

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According to Shoigu, NATO is upgrading infrastructure as well as stockpiling military supplies, weaponry and hardware near the Russian and Belarusian borders.

“The US missile deterrent is being upgraded and the launchers can be used for attack weapons,” Shoigu said.

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“The intensity of military training NATO not reduced, despite the pandemic “.


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