“Closed US Restaurant Discovers Rat in Soup: Reported by La Nouvelle Tribune”

THE UNITED STATES constitute a formidable crucible of Melting Pot. Cultural mixing is best observed in megacities such as New York. In New York, the field of gastronomy is not the sole prerogative of a group of society. Almost all the nationalities of the world try to introduce new flavors there. THE Africans, Chinese, South Americans have opened various catering corners to share their culinary culture. The South Korean restaurant Gammeeok is one of the high places of Asian gastronomy in New York.

However, the establishment is currently experiencing setbacks following a denunciation by a couple of customers dissatisfied with the service offered. Gammeeok is accused of having introduced a rat in a couple’s take-out (soup) order, which triggered an investigation by the mental health and hygiene department of New York City. According to local media, inspectors found rat droppings inside the restaurant, but there is no hard evidence to say that the Gammeeok served a rat to customers. In an effort to conduct a broader investigation, the services of the health and hygiene department closed the South Korean restaurant.

The owners of the restaurant protested against the accusations against him. The establishment has indicated that the accusing customer couple are in bad faith. The restaurant says it posted images of waiters preparing the couple’s food in strict compliance with hygiene standards. It’s on social media Instagram that the denunciation was made by the Lee couple. With supporting photos, the woman and her husband complained about the services of a restaurant. The owners of Gammeeok looked at these publications and assured that they were criticisms issued against another restaurant 6 years ago. According to the municipal authorities, the South Korean restaurant has committed some breaches of the rules in the past. The Gammeeok will remain closed until health and hygiene department inspectors complete their investigation.

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