“Closed due to political failure” – Kino Taucha goes viral

A partial lockdown has been in effect in Saxony since Monday, November 22nd. This also affects the cultural scene. Clubs, bars and cinemas, among other things, are not allowed to open until at least December 12th. The Taucha cinema is also affected by this. Operator Daniel Grahl has been venting his frustration with a saying on the outside wall of the cinema since Tuesday evening. Since then, photos of it have been distributed in social networks and via WhatsApp messenger.

“Closed until further notice due to political failure” – the frustration of the Taucha cinema operator Daniel Grahl can be read from this sentence. He has had to keep his cinema closed since Monday. Before that, since November 8th, the 2G rule was in effect, compliance with which was checked by the North Saxony Health Department on November 18. The Saxon Corona Emergency Ordinance, which included the closure of cinemas, came on Friday. “From my point of view, that was completely unnecessary and unjustified. It has been proven that cinemas are not drivers of pandemics, this has even been proven by studies, ”says Grahl. He would have wished politicians that “given the numbers that have been rising for months, countermeasures would have been taken much sooner. For example, press ahead with the vaccination campaign. Politicians say people should get vaccinated, vaccination centers were closed at the same time, but low-threshold offers such as those offered by the family doctor or others just weren’t expanded, ”he says.

In his eyes, the entrepreneurs who have adhered to all the measures are now being punished again. “We had been closed for a total of eight months due to Corona, although we had previously implemented all the rules such as plexiglass, mask requirements and distance. In July we were allowed to reopen, also here with extended rules such as clearances in the hall, a mask requirement up to the square and so on. Since November 8th we had to open under 2G. That went great, the visitors stuck to it and we checked the vaccination records, even if it wasn’t part of our job. And now cinemas are being closed, from my point of view without meaning or understanding ”, continues Daniel Grahl. He would have liked to be able to continue under 2G or 1G. “I can understand that the contacts have to be reduced, but not to the detriment of the company. Nobody has said a word about compensation payments, ”says the cinema operator.

Personally, he does not believe that the measures taken by the Saxon state government will reduce the incidence: “And so on December 9th, when the ladies and gentlemen meet again, we will probably hear that the partial lockdown is unfortunately needs to be extended. And we watch another Christmas season and even longer in the tube. Thanks for nothing!”

In the meantime, his saying is spreading on the cinema board. And he hopes: “Maybe that will at least stimulate thought in the relevant ministries.”


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