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Many gutters and downspouts are now clogged with leaves, twigs and dirt in autumn and can overflow in heavy rain. The result is often expensive damage to the facade and masonry – for which the insurance does not cover. The R + V Infocenter therefore recommends cleaning the processes regularly.

The homeowner has to pay out of pocket

If tap water leaks in the house, homeowner insurance usually kicks in. The situation is different in the case of damage from rainwater: If the cause is a blocked gutter, the house owner has to pay for the damage himself. It becomes particularly expensive for those affected if the water penetrates the thermal insulation or even the interior. Experts therefore advise removing rubbish from the rain gutters at least once a year or commissioning a specialist company to do so. This is especially true for buildings that are near trees.

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More tips:

  • Caution risk of accident: When cleaning the rain gutter, homeowners should make sure that the ladder is secure.
  • The easiest way to clean the gutter is with gloves and a bucket.
  • Simply remove leaves and dirt by hand. If that’s not enough, there are special cleaning tools such as scrapers, brushes and spirals.
  • Rain gutters can be protected from clogging by a leaf net or grille.
  • Some specialist companies offer maintenance contracts for the installation of the rain gutter, which include regular inspections of the gutter.

Source: Infocenter of R + V Versicherung (sw)

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