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Clint Capela transferred to Atlanta, Robert Covington to Houston, an XXL trade including Minnesota and Denver!


WOJ BOOOOOMB! The trade deadline takes place this Thursday, a huge transfer took place this Wednesday! In discussion for a few days, the Rockets, Hawks and Wolves have agreed, with Denver on the buzzer, to exchange several players including Clint Capela and Robert Covington.

Did you want a big transfer this deadline week? You are served. Several franchises have agreed to try to resolve their internal problems, as we will describe in detail team by team. At the center of the discussions: the Wolves. In possession of Robert Covington, a 3 and D winger capable of returning his shots, defending in several positions while having a light contract, the Minnesota franchise knew it was going to attract people. Including the Rockets, who were determined to part ways with Clint Capela. The Swiss pivot, signed for 5 years in the summer of 2018, was no longer in Houston’s game plans and the Rockets’ financial situation required Daryl Morey and his management to act. Adding Atlanta, which was looking for a solid starting pivot and had some Draft pick in its satchel, the Hawks, Wolves and Rockets wanted to get along. There was bound to be a solution, found over the phone. If the Warriors took part in the transfer for a while, especially around the D’Angelo Russell file, the demands coming from Golden State cooled the Wolves, who preferred to resume their initial plan with Houston and Atlanta. So, this Wednesday around 6:20 am, the transfer was formalized by including Denver in the equation. The Nuggets, who were still playing Portland when the deal heated up, had a hell of a cleanup in their squad. Adrian Wojnarowski and Shams Charania, respectively at ESPN and The Athletic, dropped their bomb hand in hand:

  • Atlanta receives: Clint Capela and Nene
  • Houston receives: Robert Covington, Jordan Bell + un futur 2nd tour de Draft
  • Minnesota receives: Malik Beasley, Evan Turner, Jarred Vanderbilt, Juancho Hernangomez + le 1er tour de Draft 2020 des Nets
  • Denver receives: Gerald Green, Noah Vonleh, Keita Bates-Diop, Shabazz Napier + le 1er tour de Draft 2020 des Rockets

For the Rockets, the main mission is accomplished. Indeed, the deep desire that motivated the management of Houston and their owner was to make room in the bank while adding a solid player on the wings. If Mike D’Antoni’s racket now looks like a no man’s land, Houston can count on Covington to hold renowned defensive missions alongside PJ Tucker, in prospect of great playoff battles. The Rockets are also convinced, over the coming days, that they will be able to integrate a pivot via the buy-out market or a final transfer this Thursday, but the number one mission was to integrate Covington into the plans of James Harden and Russell. Westbrook. The Capela era is coming to an end in Texas, the interior will put its screens for another quite talented creator, named Trae Young.

For the Hawks precisely, the main mission is also accomplished, and successfully. Indeed, the decision-makers in Atlanta had one of the weakest rackets in the entire league, and the priority was to add a starting level pivot in the NBA. If the rumors have revolved around Andre Drummond or Steven Adams, it is ultimately Capela who will join John Collins in Atlanta. In return, the Hawks drop the end of Evan Turner’s contract to Wolves, the player’s half-season not having been satisfactory in Georgia. The only really important element sent by Atlanta, the 2020 Draft pick of the Nets recovered last year in the transfer of Taurean Prince, which is therefore expected between places 15 and 20 next June. The Hawks will soon be able to start working with a Capela – Young – Collins trio.

For Wolves, while we wait to see what happens in the future on D’Angelo Russell’s case, it’s a huge cleanup that has been done with Sir Covington as the cornerstone. Thus, Vonleh, Bates-Diop, Napier and Bell leave Minnesota to make room for other players, who represent either a greater potential or a place in the bank. Indeed, Evan Turner will release several million dollars in Wolves finances this summer by becoming a free agent, unlike Covington who still had two years of contract planned. Malik Beasley, restricted free agent this summer, could claim a jackpot and become a nice test at the back for Minnesota. The 2020 Nets pick of the 1st round will increase Gerson Rosas’ offer for the Warriors in June, pending how to act with Hernangomez afterwards. Wolves didn’t get D’Angelo, they didn’t get a bigger pick than Brooklyn’s, but they tested the market for a real test around Beasley and cleaner finances from July 2020.

For the Nuggets, a last-minute surprise guest, it is an understatement to say if the astonishment dominates at first sight. While the workforce was doing well and could count on everyone’s contributions, it was two young people who were sent back to Minnesota. Malik Beasley, who had turned down an extension this summer and was going to ask for dear in July, goodbye. Juancho Hernangomez, who was efficient but saw the emergence of Michael Porter Jr take his place, goodbye. Denver made a small move by boosting its bench with the integrations of Napier and Vonleh in the perspective of the Playoffs, while recovering a round of Draft from the Rockets. There was a real fear of losing Hernangomez and Beasley against nothing, if the mood of the locker room of the Nuggets will be to watch in the days to come we will nevertheless underline that the management of Colorado took a risk, which he hopes to win by counting on Bates-Diop, Napier and Vonleh leaving the bench .

Other information and analyzes will be shared throughout the day, the special Trade Deadline live will take place this Thursday from 7 p.m., but that’s it for the big transfer this week! So, your first hot reaction? What’s this ?

Source : ESPN



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