Climate, migrants and digital: the turning point of the EU: “The world summit on health in Italy” – La Stampa

FROM THE ENCOUNTER IN BRUSSELS. Europe overwhelmed by the pandemic has rediscovered itself as “fragile”. And the persistence of the virus “increases the uncertainty” that is holding back the recovery. For this reason Ursula von der Leyen assures that “it is not the time to withdraw support for the economy”. Translated: the rules of the Stability Pact will remain suspended for a long time to come because – to bring the EU towards “a new vitality” – we must continue with expansionary budget policies. But at the same time “a delicate balance must be found between financial support and the sustainability of public budgets”. Massive investments are needed, especially in eco-sustainable projects and in the digital transition, but “we must use this opportunity to carry out structural reforms”. Here are the guidelines along which governments will have to move in their national Recovery Plans.

Justice and Pa
In her first speech on the State of the Union, the president of the Commission gives clear indications to the capitals that are currently developing guidelines for projects to be financed with EU funds. At least 37% of resources will have to go to expenses in line with climate objectives (the European Council had set the bar at 30%), at least 20% to digital (the leaders had not established a minimum quota) and the rest will be needed. to carry out the reforms indicated by the Commission in its recommendations. For Italy, among other things, “to improve the efficiency of the judicial system and the functioning of the public administration”, but also “to strengthen the resilience and capacity of the health system”.

Bonds to finance
On the climate, von der Leyen wants to show that “the Green Deal is our model for achieving transformation”. And he set two goals. First of all, the EU states will have to cut harmful emissions by 55% by 2030. “I know that for some it is too much and for others it is too little”, but the president of the Commission considers the objective realistic: “Our impact assessment demonstrates that the economy and industry are able to manage the situation ”. The other objective is linked to the Next Generation EU: the Commission will raise 30% of the 750 billion through Green Bonds.

Italy cited four times

In her speech of over an hour, the German gave special treatment to Italy, mentioned four times. In one of these he announced – in agreement with Giuseppe Conte – a world summit on health to be held next year in our country during the presidency of the G20. “If Italy hosts this summit, but does not use the Mes, it is not credible” comments with a hint of sarcasm the MEP of the Democratic Party, Patrizia Toia. Instead, the Five Stars rejoice for the announcement (already made last year) of the desire to introduce a minimum wage, a project of which the Movement claims the paternity. Von der Leyen, however, explained that it will be adopted “in accordance with national competences and traditions”. Without too many intrusions from Brussels, then.

The rights
The new immigration pact is also arousing great expectations in Italy. It will be launched next Wednesday and von der Leyen promises to “cancel the Dublin regulation”. It is not yet clear in which direction it will go, certainly the aim is for a more coordinated management of asylum and repatriation. “Saving lives at sea – underlined the president – cannot be optional. And the countries that do so need the solidarity of others ». But then it will be necessary to “distinguish who is entitled to asylum and who is not”: the latter will be sent back to their countries of origin, with which the EU will try to intensify readmission agreements, a real knot that hinders repatriation. “We take a step forward – he warned – and I expect the States to do the same”.

The new families
In the House Ursula von der Leyen engaged in a hand-to-hand dialectic with the far right on racism and hatred, while she asked governments for greater courage in foreign policy: “We must abandon unanimity for decisions concerning sanctions and human rights” . It will hardly be heard. Ditto on civil rights: the Commission will push for the recognition of homogenitorial families throughout Europe: “If you are a parent in one country, you are in all countries,” says the president. Good wishes, however, destined to clash with reality.

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