Climate: hot and dry conditions in the Central Valley | Video | Univision 21 Fresno KFTV

carrying the virus.zaira: and now we return withSuheily Ópez Beén, why?tell us the conditions of thetime for the rest of theweek.suheily: little by little we gomaking transition tohot season. they haveasked what the phenomenon ismethodological that most deathsprovokes?it’s the heat.2010 floods before1,019 have caused 99 deaths.the taken 91. but the heat103 deaths. heat canprovoke what is the blow ofheat or heat stroke. it happenswhen we expose ourselves in shapeprolonged in the sun. mustpay close attention ifwe work abroad. inin this case the temperaturebody reaches or exceeds104 degrees. at least thetemperatures duringnext three ías arerolling the high 70s and low 80sdegrees. regions like woodfor next Wednesday at 78in ash.we are not waitingrainfall, in fact thestrong winds continue toacross countywind warning isremains in effect until 5:00Tuesday morning.a clear sky gives usthis Monday, although we hadvery light precipitation. thepacific what you master ahigh pressure system. Ouchwhat stable conditions are going tocontinue to dominate. weekquiet, but it’s a heavencloudy join us forTuesday night or Wednesday

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