Climate Council wants to bring Wolfsburg into the Climate Alliance

Farmers, the city forester, BUND, Nabu, the VW environmental department, all political groups, as well as the administration from traffic planning to the environmental office – the climate council came together with concentrated force for its very first meeting. And immediately had the first, trend-setting items and opinions on the agenda.

1700 municipalities across Europe are already participating

Should Wolfsburg join the municipal climate alliance? What’s the point? How mandatory is it? 1700 are Europe-wide, Lower Saxony has more than 60 cities and municipalities in the alliance, from Wilhelmshaven to Hanover, Braunschweig to Göttingen. By joining, you commit yourself to the CO. Every five years2– Reduce emissions by ten percent.

CO2 values ​​should be determined precisely in order to have the basis for a reduction

Katy Scheffler from VW’s environmental department wanted to know on what basis this was measured, Reinhold Schulz, BUND, pointed out that the CO2Values ​​and calculations would have to be determined precisely in advance, otherwise there could be a rude awakening. Basically, the committee was (almost) unanimous: joining was a good step, even if it was such a thing with self-commitment and commitment. There are no sanctions for non-compliance.

Nabu says: We can achieve ten percent less in five years

City planning officer Kai-Uwe Hirschheide, who heads the climate committee, warned, however: “The issue of CO2 could overtake us. We have already taken a step with our mobility strategy and we are also on our way with photovoltaics. “Michael Kühn, Naturschutzbund, was certain:” We will manage ten percent. Every company in Germany now sets itself environmental goals. ”The municipality would also do well. With the exception of Elvira Dresler, AfD, all members of the Climate Council gave the green light to join the European Climate Alliance.

180 hectares of obligations for compensatory measures are still in the background

Keyword “compensatory measures”. You push 180 hectares of obligations in front of you, complained Hans-Georg Bachmann of the SPD. You need something like climate protection monitoring. If you had had one in the past few decades, you wouldn’t be in this situation now. Overall, a master plan for the climate in Wolfsburg is to set down what measures are to be implemented in the coming years.

Citizens should be able to sponsor trees

This also includes “My Tree for Wolfsburg”. Behind this is that citizens or institutions contribute through donations that new, (climate-resistant) trees can be planted in Wolfsburg.

The next meeting should be in December.


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