Climate Change Impact on Tuberculosis: A Study on its Direct and Indirect Effects

SEMARANG, – According to several studies, climate change is also having an impact on the increasingly massive spread of tuberculosis, both directly and indirectly.

From Indonesia, a study by Novi Damayanti H et al in 2020 in Kendari also showed that there was a significant relationship between average temperature and the incidence of pulmonary tuberculosis (TB).

On the other hand, indirectly climate change can increase the risk factors that cause tuberculosis (TB).

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As experienced by a child named Sakila. Sakila continues to whine asking for breast milk (ASI). The three-year-old boy’s face showed a look of boredom.

That Friday (12/5) morning with his mother, he was waiting for his turn to collect medicine at the TB (Tuberculosis) clinic at the Bangetayu Wetan Health Center, Genuk, Semarang City.

Since five months ago he underwent TB treatment.

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Every day he has to swallow two sour-tasting capsules to get rid of the Mycobacterium tuberculosis bacteria from his body.

“In the past, he often had fever (sick-ed). Every time (his body) had a fever, he was checked, got medicine, recovered,”

”But if the medicine runs out, it’s hot again. Check again. And so on. His weight is also low,”

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”I tried the lab, it turns out the results are spots. Because of that, until now I can’t bear to wean him,” said Tri (24), the mother, referring to tuberculosis.

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