CLICK HERE To Control Blood Sugar Through Health Applications on Smartphones – All Pages – Controlling blood sugar levels so it is an obligation for diabetics.

This becomes important, because with control blood sugar they can minimize the risk of complications.

Where diabetes complications are known to be fatal, even to the point of causing death because it attacks the body’s important organs.

According to the page (30/10/2020), there are several complications of diabetes that occur the most and often make patients die.

Starting from heart disease, stroke, liver disease, to kidney disease.

To avoid these risks, blood sugar levels of course need to be controlled.

How to start a healthy lifestyle such as maintaining a healthy diet and exercising regularly.

In addition, it turns out that we can also control blood sugar levels through health app on your smartphone.

The health applications on the smartphone are: Diabetes Friends App.

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The application, which was launched on August 6, 2018, was created so that people with diabetes (diabetes) can control their disease conditions independently.

Through the Diabetes Friends application, diabetics can check and get correct information about their disease, even measure their blood sugar on their cellphone.

Blood sugar measurement is done via D-Nurse or mobile blood glucometer which we can buy at pharmacies and is connected exclusively with this application.

Information on blood sugar levels can also be presented in graphical form.

Friends Diabetes is available in three versions, namely for people with diabetes, inner circle (people closest to diabetes), and medical experts.

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The main features of this application are detection, information and support.

With the Diabetes Friends application, you don’t have to go all the way to the laboratory or wait for a check-up to assess your risk of developing diabetes.

To get correct information from trusted references about diabetes, users of this application can also directly ask the forum.

That’s what the Co-founder of Diabetes Friends, Robyn Soetikno, said, as reported by (11/8/2018).

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“In this forum there are doctors, diabetes educators, and fellow diabetics,” he said.

To get this application, we can directly install Diabetes Friends on Playstore or IOS.

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