[clicazot] VIDEO – Saint-Paul: Audrey Fontaine points to “the first dysfunctions of the municipal majority”

Video Jean-Philippe Lutton

On the eve of the Saint-Paul municipal council, Audrey Fontaine, elected from the opposition, gave a press conference. The elected representative spoke of what she describes as “the first dysfunctions of the current municipal majority of Huguette Bello”. Audrey Fontaine raised three issues: “the inhuman management of municipal staff”, a conflict of interest that would affect one of the mayor’s deputies and the non-payment of the Covid bonus to municipal officials mobilized during confinement. The press release from the opposition official below.

I observe the municipal management led by the new team with the greatest attention. I must therefore bring three subjects to the knowledge of Saint-Pauloises and Saint-Paulois:

1. Madame Huguette BELLO’s team has inhuman management of municipal staff. Strong pressure is exerted on municipal employees hired under the previous term. It is incomprehensible on the part of the one who presented herself as the Mayor of all Saint-Paulois on June 28th. An example: a young couple in post since 2014 is today laid off. He no longer has a salary. The young woman is 7 months pregnant… I would add that the management of the career paths contracts (PECs) is politicized: they are given in priority to the activists of Madame BELLO and the PLR.

2. Mrs Huguette BELLO has made the exemplary nature of the financing of associative life a priority. However, his deputy delegate for sports, is caught in a conflict of interest and de facto management. His “triple hat” poses a problem: he is at the same time Deputy Delegate for Sports, president of a football club in Bellemène and member of OMEPS. He participates in particular in the vote of his own subsidies debated within the Municipal Council and the OMEPS, which is illegal.

3. To date, the COVID 19 premium has still not been paid to communal agents mobilized during the confinement. This is a real lack of recognition for the agents who were at their posts during the lockdown and who faced a significant increase in work. For my part, when I was Vice-president of the CCAS de Saint-Paul, I had this bonus voted for the agents for whom I was responsible, during the last board of directors that I chaired. “


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