Clément Carpentier: “The objective is to reduce the sails as much as possible”

Clement Carpentier, sure France Blue Gironde, mentioned what the Girondins de Bordeaux could expect from the second part of the season when the objective set is an 8th place. “It’s very difficult to say with this team, but obviously, we will have to hope to move up the standings. As a reminder, the club has set the Top8 as a goal this season. The Girondins also hope to progress in the game, they still have one of the worst attacks in the championship this season with 20 small goals scored in 18 matches. To succeed, it will be necessary to recruit according to Jean-Louis Gasset. Problem, it is not at all the priority of the club in a catastrophic economic context. The Girondins should do with tens of millions of euros in losses by the end of the season, like other Ligue 1 clubs. The objective is to reduce the sails as much as possible ”.

Girondins4Ever transcription

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