Clear Skies and Dry Conditions for Tuesday Night in New York | Video | Univision 41 New York WXTV

Rafael to know the conditionsweather.Rafael: We are talking about the weather.thanks for the synthia.we have stable conditions,clear and skies of sinsthe rest of the week.We are heading to the 70s, I promisedfor today.we see images of the beaches,it’s beautiful.these are theinterstate.temperatures are over60 and we will reach 69, andthe thermal sensation 72.for shabby, dry, just likethan today tomorrow. humidityrelative below 25%.tonight, the least arerank.tomorrow and Thursday look alikevery much, talk abouttemperatures and conditions.lower the temperature toon Friday.Saturday, the rain starts,we will have instability forof a lot of sun and of a lot of water.Sunday with 60, like

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