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Clean the wooden furniture with olive oil


Olive oil is one of the essential ingredients of the food of the Mediterranean countries. Just imagining cooking a lunch or dinner without using it is almost impossible. However, there are also other ways to use it. In this article the editorial staff of Proiezionidiborsa will show you how to clean wooden furniture with olive oil.

How to clean wooden furniture with olive oil

Over time, wooden furniture often ends up becoming opaque. Polishing them with the only help a piece, however, is not enough to make him regain the original shine. If you want to avoid using the specific products on the market, you can then pour a small amount of oil on a cotton pad or cloth. At this point, simply pass it gently against the wooden surface and then remove the excess oil with a dry cloth.

If you want to polish the wooden furniture in greater depth, you can resort to a solution of lemon and olive oil. To prepare it, just mix equal quantities of these two ingredients. Once the mixture is obtained, pass it gently on the surface to be polished and then clean it with a piece to prevent it from remaining greasy.

Eliminate scratches from wooden objects

Olive oil is in fact the best friend of those who have wooden objects and furniture in the house! A solution made up of equal quantities of oil and vinegar can in fact also help to eliminate scratches from wooden objects.

Not just furniture and objects

In fact, olive oil can also be used to polish parquet. Doing so would be ideal precisely because this type of flooring is particularly delicate and products based on bleach or alcohol could be corrosive in the long run. However, a small amount of oil must also be used, which should not be left to dry on the parquet.

Do it yourself wax to polish the parquet

Another possible solution is to produce wax to polish it using 1/2 cup of that of bees, 200 g of olive oil and 5 g of lavender essential oil. The wax must be placed in a container capable of resisting heat. Then melt it in a water bath. Then add the olive oil and mix until an amalgam is obtained. Leave it on the stove for a couple of minutes and let it rest. Here is your DIY wax, which must then be kept in a glass jar. At each use it is good to let it first melt slightly on the fire or in a microwave and then rub it on the parquet. Then clean the latter with a broom until the desired shine effect is achieved.

You have just finished reading Clean the wooden furniture with olive oil. If it has been useful, the editorial staff advises you to consult also How to whiten your laundry without using bleach to receive more advice on alternative products to use during home cleaning.



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