“Clean Air”. Even 69 thousand. PLN subsidy for home renovation. Changes to the program

ProgramClean Air“was launched in 2018 and is to be implemented for 10 years. As part of it, the government will allocate PLN 103 billion for the replacement of old heat sources and thermo-modernization houses. The primary goal of the program is to combat air pollution, reducing the amount smogu and emissions greenhouse gases.

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“Clean Air”. Changes to the program are coming

Currently, the program is divided into two parts. The first part is intended for beneficiaries entitled to the basic level funding. If their annual income does not exceed 100,000 PLN, they can receive a subsidy of up to 30 thousand. zloty.

The second part of the program is aimed at people with an average monthly salary of up to PLN 1,564 in a multi-person household and up to PLN 2,189 in a single-person household. For these beneficiaries, the subsidy may amount to PLN 37,000. zloty. Now the Ministry of Climate and Environment announces the extension of the program.

“In 2022, another change will await the ‘Clean Air’ program. More support is to be provided to less affluent Poles, who will be able to obtain 69 thousand PLN subsidies “- informs the ministry on Twitter.

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“Clean Air”. Even 69 thousand. PLN subsidy for the replacement of the stove and the thermal modernization of the house

As we read on the site czystepowietrze.gov., the third part of the popular program will cover people whose monthly income per one member of a multi-person household does not exceed PLN 900 and PLN 1,260 in the case of single-person households. Beneficiaries will also be persons with an established right to a permanent allowance, periodic allowance, family allowance or special care allowance. The new part of the program will allow you to apply for funding of up to 90 percent. eligible costs, but not more than PLN 69,000 zloty.

“Amendments to the ‘Clean Air’ program have already been approved by the Ministry of Climate and Environment and adopted by the Supervisory Board of the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management on December 17, 2021. new conditions. The date of entry into force of the amended program along with the facilities and the start of the recruitment will be announced in January 2022 “- explained on the website mojeepair.gov.

From September 19, 2018 to December 17, 2021, over 372,000 applications were submitted. applications to the “Clean Air” program for co-financing for a total amount of over PLN 6.2 billion.

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