Claudia Obert takes flight

For the “celebrities under palm trees” candidates it went into the last round: The big discussion with moderator Jochen Schropp, 41, once again demanded everything from the TV stars. Bullying victim Claudia Obert, 58, could no longer stand it in the studio …

“Celebrities under Palm Trees”: The great debate was so emotional

Yesterday evening (May 6th) all “celebrities under palm” candidates met one last time together. Aside from winner Bastian Yotta, the because of his scandal videos a Forbidden to appear on the show the former roommates were sitting in the Sat.1 studio for a final conversation in front of the cameras.

When asked by moderator Jochen Schropp, the hottest and most emotional moments the season worked up. Here flowed with one or the other celebrity even the tears. While Carina Spack and Tobi Wegener were built close to the water, they took care of it Disputers Désirée Nick and Claudia Obert again for a good dose of drama.

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Désirée Nick makes an announcement to her ex-roommates

Entertainer Désirée often found it difficult to be brief and all that Claudia rolled her eyes regularlyas soon as the blonde spoke. At the beginning of the show, the cabaret artist again determined what kind of experiment each of them had deliberately engaged in.

I love Reality like a mountaineer: You know it gets cold and windy, we go to the summit, do without oxygen and still love it.

Anyone who can not cope with it, is self blame. Claudia, especially during the season suffered five in a row, explained that she hadn’t moved out because she was too weak, but instead “because I no longer wanted to endure.

The entrepreneur no longer seems to be dancing around on the nose and wants to play according to her own rules. A confident attitude of the 58-year-old, who Bullying scandals are well received have received. “I can no longer go out on the street without someone wanting a selfie or says how much he likes methe self-made millionaire reported.

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Claudia Obert bursts the collar

Who then suspected that Claudia Divas image filed was quickly taught otherwise. When Désirée got the floor again, Claudia suddenly jumped up from her sofa and ran out of the TV studio.

Will you let me know when it’s done? I need to go to the Toilet,

she answered Jochen Schropp as she passed. The moderator, who with a perplexed face stayed behind, asked for safety’s sake: “You’ll be right back, okay?” Fortunately, the reality TV star kept his word and returned to the cameras for a few moments.


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