Claudia Álvarez and her husband present their daughter on Instagram as they came to this world

Claudia Alvarez He expressed his tenderness and the great love of his little daughter, with whom he posed in his first professional photo shoot.

With just a few days old, Kira She is already one of the most famous and beloved babies of social networks, and in the middle of the show, all thanks to her parents, who with all her love, have shared every detail of this new stage of their lives as parents.

The actress returned to tender her fans through her official profile of Instagram thanks to an image in which the three appear naked (Claudia, the baby Kira and the proud dad and husband, the producer Billy Rovzar).

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The tender postcard was described with the phrase: “They … My life teachers.”

The publication has achieved in two days of being shared, a total of 254,010 likes and almost a thousand comments with which, friends, family and fans, have sent samples of affection to the couple.

In previous days, Claudia Alvarez, he used the same means to share how his daughter’s first photo session was held, which caused great controversy because many users criticized her for subjecting the baby to positions that could hurt her.

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Given this, the actress said that Massiel, her photographer, is a professional and that it is recommended to take photos at that age because babies can remain in very comfortable positions and give a more natural effect.

“Absolutely nothing happened, everything perfect. These photos are taken to the babys who are between 12 or 15 days old because it is when they can best be manipulated, they fall deeply asleep and put them in the position that is needed, they are safe positions are people who have been in this for a long time Don’t be happy for me, ”said the happy mom.

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Kira was born on December 26, 2019, as published by her famous parents through her social networks, where, with a tender image they revealed some details of the arrival of her first daughter.


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