Clash between Rebels in Congo Leaves Civilians Dead and Homes Destroyed

At least three civilians were killed and several households are on the move following a clash this Thursday, June 8 morning in the Bukombo group, chiefdom of Bwito towards the extreme south-west of the territory of Rutshuru (North Kivu). These clashes oppose, according to several local sources, the rebels of the M23 to the armed group Nyatura of Domi.

It was since 3 a.m. that, according to several local sources, the M23 rebels launched simultaneous attacks against the positions of the militiamen of the armed group Collective of Movements for Change (CMC)/Nyatura of a certain Dominique in the Kitwayovu, Shonyi, and Rubwe South villages.

According to these sources, after a few hours of fighting, the militiamen, commonly known as “Wazalendu” managed to repel the attack in two villages. But the rebels would have taken control of the Shonyi village.

This combat zone was however emptied of all its population, which fled in particular to Bukombo-Centre and Birambizo.

The sources also speak of three civilians who were killed during these clashes in Rubwe-Sud and Shonyi villages and of systematic looting which is reported in Kavumu village.

For the past few weeks, clashes have been recurrent between various local armed groups and the M23 rebels, in several groups in Rutshuru territory where the Kenyan, Ugandan and South Sudanese units of the EAC regional force are deployed. The expected withdrawal of the M23 rebels is slow to be truly effective.

2023-06-09 03:43:49
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