Clarifying the Tragic Crime Incident in Jezzine: Insights from the Head of the Federation of Jezzine Municipalities

To clarify the painful crime incident that took place in the last hours in Jezzine, Al-Nashra contacted the head of the Federation of Jezzine Municipalities, Khalil Harfoush, to find out the reasons for the crime, which was committed by (F.A.), who is from the Jezzine town of Azour. He said that Fadi committed his act because of the living conditions he was in. He lives, which negatively affected his mental health, and what he did was conscious and in front of his children. We regret that such heinous crimes occur in our town, our region and our country. I hope that the collapse of living conditions in our country, which negatively affects our Lebanese families, who are not accustomed to living in difficult situations like the one they have been living in for more than three years, will stop.

Harfoush said that investigations by all security services and forensic evidence are continuing. And God saved us from the greatest and mercy for all the victims.

Al-Nashra learned that the wife of the perpetrator (S.D.) and her mother (T.H.) died before the perpetrator killed himself.

2023-06-08 10:41:02

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