Clarifications! What will Europe save from Putin

“Putin has built a system where disorder reigns and theft is everywhere,” says Dmitry Gudkov. He explained to DV the danger of Russia’s complete isolation and real support for the war in Ukraine.

Dmitry Gudkov, a Russian opposition politician and former member of the State Duma, was forced to leave Russia in June 2021 under threat of arrest. Here is what he told DV about the current situation in his homeland:

Europeans need to understand that if they close Russia and surround it with a tall barbed wire fence, they will face even more problems in the future. Because poverty will reign there, and the collapse of the country can be bloody.

Furthermore, the nuclear weapon will remain and it is not known where the missiles will be directed in such a case. This will be a problem for Ukraine and for everyone. This is what needs to be explained today.

Only a military defeat can free us from Putin: a military defeat of his regime.

This mainly depends on Ukraine. Ukrainians are resisting bravely, but without weapons and financial support this could go on for years and it is not clear how it will turn out. In other words: a lot depends on the West.

This is exactly what I tell Western politicians: if you don’t support Ukraine, everything will go on. It is better to help Ukraine at a normal pace to get everything done faster.

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