Claret’s adventure in Toulon starts at L’Horizon, the bustling café brasserie.

Behind the station, you just have to push your steps towards the square de Broglie and the café l’Horizon is unmissable!

Installed on the corner at 149, boulevard Docteur Charles Barnier, the brasserie bar is the stronghold of Jennifer and Laurent, united to the city as well as to the stage: that of the Horizon.

“We grew up in Toulon, we met in Toulon, we work together in Toulon and we will always stay in Toulon!”, Jennifer laughs.

With her short square and her smile on her lips, she chats with some behind her counter, serves others, goes to the kitchen to check the cooking of the daily specials and goes back and forth to the terrace to see if all is well. A priesthood.

“We took over the Horizon 21 years ago and we wouldn’t leave it for anything in the world. Laurent previously worked in another bar, Le Moderne, which he left to take over as head of the Horizon.

A true old-fashioned bar, the café is the refuge of the inhabitants of Claret who come to enjoy a “petit noir” at the counter, or on the terrace as soon as the first rays of sunshine caress the walls of the place.

Inside, rugby balls follow one another on the shelves and an old photo, dating from the RCT champion of France, sits enthroned. “Look, the players brandish the shield of Brennus. We are nostalgic for this great era of Toulon”, adds Lawrence.

Everything breathes Rugby and anisette

From the first fine days, the Horizon terrace is in high demand. Photo by Camille Dodet.

Here, everything breathes Rugby and customers appreciate it. Artists too.

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There is one who, once a few anisettes have been consumed, shares his talents as a designer. “His name is Benoît and represented the AC/DC group of which he is a fan. We also displayed another work where Johnny sings. Both are part of the walls. We keep them preciously.”

At the bottom of the Horizon, Pagnol’s legendary card game catches the eye and goodies liquor brands are everywhere.

Rugby again: Les Chevaliers de la Tribune supporters have left a memory of their visit. For his part, Jean-Claude, a regular, hung his diploma of honor awarded by the French Federation of petanque and Provençal game.

Toulon is celebrated in every corner of the place, from 7 am to 7 pm in the evening (eight hours for the opening on weekends).

At lunchtime, Jennifer concocts daily specials, which are also very Provençal. “I like to cook aioli, Provencal stew, pot-au-feu…”she says.

Together with Laurent, they both bring the Horizon to life all year round, every day of the week. “Here is the bar for friends. Everyone is welcome here. Almost day and night!

Secrets of the counter

Word from the bosses: “If you don’t like fun, don’t come to us!”.

The favorite drink: the foetus. It’s a very small glass of whiskey: a mini baby. Consumers like it because it makes little alcohol.

The little extra: a fitted floor where 25 covers can be served every lunchtime. The outdoor terrace is also in high demand.

The best memory: “There are a lot of them. We especially remember the fun games at the counter. Sometimes we even play petanque games inside. With plastic balls, like children! On April 9, we organize Easter in Claret with egg hunts at the merchants and entertainment. Once, we invited the Aïoli group to perform in the square. The outdoor meal was a great moment. At Christmas, we create Christmas trees to please the children. Romu is our linchpin in Claret. He was the one who had helped Marité and Dany, a couple who had found themselves on the street. And now has accommodation thanks to the solidarity of the neighborhood.”

Worst memory: “We would like more entertainment in the neighborhood. We do what we can, with the friends of the Horizon, but if the town hall could support us, that would be great!”

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