Clandestine party in Toulouse: gatherings that maintain the “spread of the virus” according to Professor Mégarbane

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This Saturday, a party organized not far from Toulouse and bringing together several hundred revelers was stopped by the police. The images of the event, organized in full confinement, were shocking. This Monday, Professor Bruno Mégarbane returned to the facts.

These are images that shocked the whole of France. This Saturday, April 10, two men organized a clandestine party not far from Toulouse, in the small town of Burgaud (Haute-Garonne). The event took place in a lodge transformed into a nightclub for the occasion: it brought together hundreds of participants. The images that have been broadcast on the networks do not fail to react.

This Monday morning, Professor Bruno Mégarbane, head of the medical resuscitation service at Lariboisière hospital, returned to the facts: “These are gatherings that make it possible to maintain the spread of the virus”, laments the professor in front of the cameras of BFMTV .

“These are unofficial gatherings, there is no possibility of subsequent follow-up, to trace contacts and see how the cluster is spreading. […] A number of illegal parties fuel the epidemic while almost the entire population is doing their utmost to comply with the recommendations. “

Up to 15,000 euros fine and one year in prison

On site, the two organizers had left nothing to chance: you had to pay 20 euros to access the parking lot of the lodging and 30 euros to be able to participate in the private party. In the end, the noise awakened the neighborhood who did not hesitate to warn the police.

The teams of the surveillance and intervention platoon of the Gendarmerie (PSIG) and the night surveillance and intervention group (GNSI) were mobilized: around a hundred participants were fined 100 euros. The two organizers were taken into custody for “endangering the lives of others”. They risk one year in prison and a fine of € 15,000.

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