Claims they were threatened with death in Sarpsborg on their way to pride celebrations in Oslo – NRK Oslo and Viken – Local news, TV and radio

– He took up both hands and made a kind of machine gun and started shooting at us, saying that “People like you should have been killed in Oslo outside that bar”.

It claims a woman from Sarpsborg.

The woman wants to remain anonymous, because she fears it may have consequences. NRK knows her identity.

Last Saturday, she and two friends were on their way to a pride celebration in Oslo. The night before was 2 people shot and 21 people injured after shooting in central Oslo.

The friends had dressed up with rainbow-colored disposable tattoos from head to toe.

Photo: Private

While waiting for the bus to the capital, they bought something to eat.

Shortly after receiving the food, a stranger approached them.

He is said to have asked if he was allowed to ask them a personal question.

– We answer “Yes”, then he says “Why the hell are you going to Oslo to celebrate the nasty things there?”, The woman says to NRK.

She says that she soon after started filming with the phone to document the incident.

The stranger calls her “bitch”, before pretending to shoot at them and saying “boom”:


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The group of friends started filming after they were threatened at a restaurant in Sarpsborg.

Fear large dark numbers

The Eastern police district had not received a single report of hate speech this year, before the attack in Oslo last Saturday, police chief Ida Melboe Øystese informs.

This past week, they have received six. Five of the reviews have been submitted on the basis of sexual orientation.

Ida Melboe Øystese

Chief of Police in the Eastern Police District, Ida Melboe Øystese, believes the reason why many refuse to report hate crime is that it is difficult to know where the line goes for what is illegal to utter.

Photo: Police

Chief of Police Østbye fears there are large numbers in the dark.

– I am worried that there are more criminal hate speech in society than what comes to the knowledge of the police.


Hate crime

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Hate crimes are criminal acts motivated by negative attitudes towards:

  • Actual or perceived skin color
  • National or ethnic origin
  • Religion and outlook on life
  • Sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression

Source: Police

Hate crimes can be:

  • Hateful and discriminatory statements
  • Violence and threats
  • Damage
  • Calls for criminal acts
  • Reckless behavior

Have you experienced hate crime?

If you have experienced hate crime, you should contact the police. They can give advice and assess whether what you have experienced is something that should be reported.

More reviewers

Last year, the police received 815 reviews marked with a hate motive, figures from police criminal case register.

Over one third of the reviews were submitted in Oslo.

Four out of ten reviews of this type are hate speech. Hate speech can be punished by a fine or imprisonment for up to three years.

Investigated as hate crime

The police are investigating the case as a hate crime, says Daniel Holm. He is the section leader for investigation at Sarpsborg police station.

Daniel Holm in police uniform smiles outside the police station in Sarpsborg

Daniel Holm, section leader investigation at Sarpsborg police station.

Photo: Rune Fredriksen / NRK

The head of the investigation says that the police have a special focus on hate crime after the attack in Oslo last Saturday.

The police have questioned witnesses and the offended in the case. The suspect has so far not wanted to explain himself to the police.

Went to the selection anyway

Although the group of friends from Sarpsborg found the incident at the restaurant unpleasant, they still traveled to Oslo as planned.

There they marked pride with thousands of others, despite the fact that the official selection was canceled.

– When we came to Oslo, we left it completely. We did not think about it anymore.

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