Claiming to be a prophet after the Prophet Muhammad SAW, this woman was sentenced to death


LAHORE – A woman in Pakistan sentenced to death by a local court on charges of blasphemy against Islam. The defendant has claimed to be a prophet after Rasulullah Muhammad SAW .

The defendant’s name is Salma Tanveer. The woman who served as the head of the school was sentenced to death by a court in the city of Lahore on Monday (27/9/2021).

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In addition, the defendant was also sentenced to pay a fine of PKR50,000.

Tanveer is accused of distributing photocopies of his writings, in which he denies the finality of prophethood.

Muslims believe that Rasulullah Muhammad SAW is the last prophet sent by Allah and there will be no more after him.

Lahore Police filed a blasphemy case against Tanveer based on a complaint by a local cleric in 2013.

In a 22-page court verdict document, quoted by The Independent, Wednesday (29/9/2021), judge Mansoor Ahmad Qureshi said: “It is proven beyond a doubt that the defendant Salma Tanveer wrote and distributed writings insulting the Holy Prophet Muhammad and he failed to do so. prove that his case falls under the exception of Article 84 of the Pakistan Criminal Code (PPC).”

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