Civilization VI, February Free Update Applied… Add Leader Choice Pool

[엑스포츠뉴스 최지영 기자] Civilization VI released a free update in February.

On the 2nd, 2K and Firaxis Games announced that they had a free update for Civilization VI in February.

With this update, the barbarian clan game mode and leader selection pool are added, as well as new AI and game balance adjustments and changes.

In the newly added Barbarian Clan game mode, gameplay related to barbarians has been expanded, and six barbarian tribes appear.

Each tribe accumulates progress every turn and converts to a city-state, and players can play various ways, such as plundering the tribe, hiring it as his army, and using bribes to attack other civilizations.

The Leader Selection Pool is a feature that allows you to select a list of leaders used in the game, and if a specific leader feels threatened or wants to compete with a leader that has not been met, you can choose and play the leader you want.

In addition, new AI and balance adjustments have been made to adjust air units and AI related to air combat, and some government policy slots have been changed, and the balance of natural landscapes has been adjusted.

The February update is available to any player with Civilization VI, and details can be found in the patch note.

Some balance changes only apply to content in the Rise and Fall and Rising Storm expansion packs.

Reporter Choi Ji-young of Exsports News [email protected] / Photo = 2K


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