City of Hamm destroys illegal gambling machines

In almost one and a half minute videos on the websites of the “Bild newspaper‘ and the ‘Westphalian Gazette (WA)“ you can see the destruction of illegal slot machines.

Marc Herter, Mayor of the City of Hamm, explains why the 38 vending machines, which “Bild” speaks of 34 devices, were crushed by an excavator shovel at “‘ goes like this: ‘Illegal gambling is so lucrative that we are worried they won’t stay there. Eventual scrapping is the most effective measure to ensure equipment is never put back into circulation.”

Manipulated devices from abroad

The devices would come from Slovenia, Malta and Austria and had been illegally prepared by the operators using software manipulation in such a way that players could lose up to 20,000 euros per hour on the devices, reports Arndt Borgmann from the Hamm regulatory office.

Attractive legal offer helps

Die „Bild“ Quoted Georg connector, spokesman of the board of the umbrella organization Die Deutsche Automatenwirtschaft (DAW): “The dimension of the illegal market is frightening; we all know that player and youth protection does not exist here. The best way to combat the black market is to have an attractive legal offer and strong enforcement.”

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