The City Meals on Wheels organization began delivering prepackaged meals to seniors in need in New York City.

This group of volunteers is dedicated to helping people over the age of 60 who have trouble getting or cooking their own food.

Starting June 7 and for the next two weeks, the organization will deliver some 45,000 meals to some 22,000 seniors across the state.

They point out that many older adults lack food security, for this reason they are given support.

Last year they delivered about 2 million meals.

Who qualifies to receive the meals?

According to the organization’s criteria, individuals must meet the following requirements:

  • Being over 60 years old.
  • You must be unable to prepare your food or have no one to help you.
  • Being able to live safely in your home if help is provided.
  • Live in one of the 5 New York boroughs.

More help and support for New York residents:


Since December 2022, the New York Government announced that it will invest three million dollars to support associations that provide free help to immigrants. Among the free legal services they provide are immigration-related issues and assistance with filing applications and appearances.

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With the goal of empowering Hispanic and immigrant girls in New York City, the organization Latinas On the Verge Of Excellence (LOVE) is offering a curriculum with social-emotional and health content. We tell you how to sign up for tutorials.

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The Manhattan Center for Math and Science is offering free workshops, in English and Spanish, to parents and guardians of students. Check the spring calendar and what are the courses you can take.


The Neighborhood Housing Services of Queens program, in collaboration with UnidosUS, invites you to start developing your digital skills, with the aim of closing the technology gap among Hispanics. These are free digital (computer) literacy classes for adults in western Queens.


The ‘Bridges to Inclusion’ organization helps connect autistic teens and adults with companies willing to give them a place in their corporate scheme. Find out how to apply, follow the steps and hope that the members of the program can contact you.

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The New York City Economic Development Corporation launched the Women NYC program, which seeks to connect Latina women with professional jobs in the areas of technology, green economy, wind and life sciences. Enter here to participate in the events that are still available.

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