City e-bikes, e-folding bikes and e-mountain bikes

The e-bike is becoming increasingly popular – more and more bicycles have an engine. All types of bicycles have long been electrified – for city, sports, leisure and travel. We present nine practical electric bicycles and explain what you have to pay attention to when buying online.

Many electronic bicycles can now be conveniently bought online. To make it easier for you to choose an e-bike, we have put together a selection of different electric bikes for you. We consider three models from three categories: City bikes for the city, Folding bikesthat are especially recommended for traveling, and Mountain bikes for off-road driving. We also limit ourselves to pedelecs that support driving at up to 25 kilometers per hour and to inexpensive models that cost less than 1,500 euros.

What do you have to consider if you want to buy an e-bike online?

There is the right e-bike for every taste and application. Buying on the Internet is recommended for people who have previously dealt extensively with their own requirements. A test drive is always helpful when buying a bike to be sure of the right size and driving characteristics, also with regard to the engine. Many dealers therefore offer a test drive and have a 30-day return policy.

In any case, you should pay attention to the following information for electric bikes:

  • Drive type
  • Motor performance
  • Capacity and charging time of the battery
  • Range
  • Weight

Attention: Not all electric bikes or e-bikes are delivered fully assembled. For some models, it is advisable to consult a specialist for commissioning and correct setting.

Comfortable city e-bikes for the city

All three city bikes that we present to you are ideal for commuting or running errands in the city. Thanks to their relatively long range, some of them can also be used for longer distances. All information in comparison:

DISPLAY* Prices include VAT, plus shipping if necessary. Interim changes in prices, delivery times and costs possible. All statements without guarantee.

The bestseller among city e-bikes: NCM Milano



The NCM e-bike Milano is a so-called urban trekking bike. This means that it is not only suitable for the city, but because of its long range of up to 130 kilometers it is also ideal for longer distances. This is supported by a motor with 250 watts in six selectable levels and a battery with the highest power of 48 volts compared to the other wheels presented here.

Another advantage of this bike: it can be tested up to ten kilometers and returned without any problems. So you can test yourself extensively whether the e-bike is right for you. This NCM bike is very popular with Amazon customers, who especially praise the good price-performance ratio.

There is also one of this electric bike Plus variant, which is more expensive, but also offers a lot more: It has a battery with more power, hydraulic disc brakes and a Shimano shifting system with eight gears as well as an improved LCD display.

The all-rounder among city e-bikes: Telefunken RC657



The Telefunken e-bike is a comfortable and versatile bike. The battery reaches 250 watts and creates a range of 100 kilometers. The fast charging time of up to five hours is particularly advantageous. The front engine not only impresses with its endurance, it is also completely maintenance-free. A practical shopping basket is also integrated on the handlebars.

The bike is equipped with a hub gear and modern LED lighting and, in addition to the classic rim brakes, has a coaster brake for even more safety. For use in the city, the electric bike offers good value for money. It is also currently the cheapest of the three city bikes presented.

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The robust: AsVIVA B15-D



The AsVIVA model offers robust equipment for less than 1,500 euros: the bike is powered by a rear engine and a battery from Samsung. The bike also has a Shimano seven-speed gearbox and mechanical disc brakes.

A 100 km range is more than sufficient for a city bike. It can even be used for shorter trekking tours. A nice feature is the pre-assembled rim lock, which does not replace a normal bicycle lock, but still increases security.

We mean: If you want to use an e-bike mainly in the city, do it with the e-bike NCM Milano nothing wrong. It offers the best performance of the three wheels presented at a fair price.

Perfect to take away: electric folding bikes

Folding or folding bikes are particularly practical when traveling or if you only want to cover part of the route on an e-bike. They can be stowed away in the trunk to save space, and they don’t take up much space on the bus or train either. At the same time, these electric bikes are basically only 20 inches in size – you should be aware of this when buying.

DISPLAY* Prices include VAT, plus shipping if necessary. Interim changes in prices, delivery times and costs possible. All statements without guarantee.

The powerful e-folding bike: NCM Paris



This e-bike has a comprehensive equipment with a 250 watt six-stage motor, a battery with high capacity, a Shimano circuit with seven gears and mechanical disc brakes. It has a particularly long range of up to 100 kilometers.

Like its big brother, the city e-bike NCM Milano, the manufacturer’s folding bike can also be extensively tested and tested. Users especially praise the performance of the battery and the extremely good price-performance ratio.

The service miracle: Fischer e-folding bike



The electronic bike from the manufacturer Fischer has high quality components. For example, the battery consists of durable high-performance cells – at least 750 charging cycles are guaranteed. A disadvantage of this model in terms of driving comfort is that it comes without suspension. However, since it is not an e-bike for off-road use, this is less important.

The associated service app called E-Connect is particularly practical for this electric bike. Not only can you navigate with it, but you can also easily see at any time how much range you still have, taking into account the topographical conditions, the current driving behavior and the battery charge level. Last but not least, you can always reach the service and thus support from Fischer if necessary.

The price-performance winner: E-folding bike Zündapp Z101



The particularly cheap electric bike from the manufacturer Zündapp offers slightly less range (up to 65 kilometers) than the other two e-bikes in the folding bike category. However, this is sufficient for trips in the city.

The equipment is not quite as lavish with a somewhat weaker battery and a mechanical rim brake. However, the Zündapp Z101 costs a few hundred euros less than the competition’s models.

Many buyers praise the really good price-performance ratio, which we also find remarkable. A Shimano derailleur system with six gears, a starting aid and all components of a roadworthy bike are quite impressive at this price.

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We mean: That is among the folding bikes Zundapp Z101 our favorite as it offers by far the best value for money. Those who expect more are also well advised with the other two e-bikes in this category.

Ideal for off-road: electric mountain bikes

If you don’t just want to drive through the city or on roads, but through the terrain, e.g. over meadows and in the mountains, you need a mountain bike (MTB for short). These generally have wider tires for more grip, good suspension and more stable frames than city bikes. Before you buy an electronic mountain bike, you should think carefully about what you value and make your selection accordingly. Our three recommendations are the following e-bikes:

DISPLAY* Prices include VAT, plus shipping if necessary. Interim changes in prices, delivery times and costs possible. All statements without guarantee.

For long distances: Fitifito MT27.5 Plus e-mountain bike



The mountain bike from the Chinese manufacturer Fitifito comes with a comprehensive and powerful equipment. It has a powerful rear engine, a long-lasting battery from Samsung and a Shimano brand with 21 gears. Together with the suspension of the front fork and the wide tires for a lot of grip, you are ideally prepared for driving off-road.

Some users would like a slightly higher engine output for the mountains. However, most are happy with this e-bike. The comparatively long range of 100 kilometers and the fast battery charging time of four to five hours are remarkable.

The award winner: Ancheer e-mountain bike



At 25 kilograms, the Ancheer e-bike is the heaviest of the three MTB models, but it can also carry the highest total load at 150 kilograms. Otherwise, it has no weaknesses compared to the two competing products: it has a three-stage motor with 250 watts of power, a Shimano circuit with 21 gears and a battery that can be charged in four to six hours.

It is practical that all tools required for assembly are supplied with the bike – so if you want, you can assemble the MTB yourself. The big advantage is, of course, the price: at well under 1,500 euros, this e-bike is the cheapest in comparison and thus our price winner.

Safe: Fischer E-Bike ATB Terra 2.0



The equipment of the ATB Terra 2.0 from Fischer is similar to that of the other two mountain bikes. It has a very quiet motor that helps you drive. There is also, as with Folding bike the manufacturer also has the E-Connect app with range calculation, navigation and service for mountain bikes.

Compared to the other mountain bikes, the e-bike from Fischer only has eight gears, which can be changed using a Shimano circuit. On the other hand, it should be emphasized that it is the only one that has hydraulic disc brakes that are proven to be the safest.

Attention: There are two versions of this electric bike – one has a battery of 36 volts, the other 48 volts. When buying, you should urgently pay attention to which version is more suitable for your own needs.

Our e-bike conclusion:

The choice of the right e-bike strongly depends on how you want to use it. If you are mainly in the city, the city e-bike is NCM Milano Highly Recommended. Alternatively, there is also our price-performance winner, the e-folding bike Zundapp Z101, which you can also take with you on vacation. If you move more off-road, we keep that Terra 2.0 from Fischer recommended for e-mountain bikes.

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What is the difference between an e-bike and a pedelec?

The so-called pedelecs are the most widespread with 99 percent, as you can also see from our selection: These are exclusively pedelecs. A pedelec has an electric motor up to a maximum of 250 watts. It supports the driver in several stages only when pedaling and only up to a speed of 25 kilometers per hour. The acceleration is adjusted depending on the force used. If you want to drive faster, you have to do it with your own muscular strength.

Many pedelecs have a starting and pushing aid that accelerates up to six kilometers per hour at the push of a button. This makes it easier to start off or push longer on the mountain. Pedelecs are legally equivalent to bicycles, there is no helmet requirement, no age restriction and they do not have to be approved.

E-bikes in the classic sense are electric bikes that can also be operated without pedal support at the push of a button. From six kilometers per hour, they are subject to approval, a maximum of 500 watts engine power and a maximum speed of 20 kilometers per hour are permitted.

Most people, however, use the term e-bike as a synonym for pedelecs, since this technical term has not become generally accepted.

Which drive is the best for an e-bike?

E-bike engines are differentiated between front, middle or rear-wheel drive. Front wheel drive There are rarely any e-bikes in Germany – it can only be found in very cheap models or on special bikes. The reason: front engines have the most unfavorable driving characteristics because the weight of the engine changes the steering behavior.

Middle drive is most common in electric bicycles. It is considered the best type of drive because it has very natural driving characteristics. Because the power of the engine starts where the power from the pedals starts. In addition, the focus of an e-bike is relatively low between the two wheels. E-bikes with a mid-engine consume significantly less electricity than other types of drive at higher speeds.

Rear engines are very quiet and their power arrives directly at the rear wheel where it belongs. The wear on the chain is therefore less than that of the mid-engine, which also pulls on the chain. Another advantage is recuperation: you can partially recharge the battery while driving, which can make up to 20 percent. E-bikes with rear motors are cheaper to produce, and only the rear wheel needs to be brought to the workshop for maintenance. However, expanding it is not always easy.

What does a good e-bike cost?

The prices for e-bikes range from a few hundred to several thousand euros. How expensive it has to be depends of course on the materials used and the equipment. As an occasional cyclist, a cheap e-bike is quite sufficient, since the materials are not used as much.

Especially with very cheap e-bikes, however, the same components are often installed as with conventional bicycles. For example, the frame or fork may break because they are subjected to a much higher load on e-bikes than on a mechanical bicycle. After all, e-bikes are often used for longer distances and are traveling at higher average speeds and more total weight. It is therefore advisable to pay attention to good quality and above all good brakes.

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