City Council Discusses Halting Promise to Deliver 15 Minutes of Apps in E-Bike Accidents – NBC New York (47)

Apps that offer grocery deliveries in just minutes would soon be in the crosshairs of city lawmakers.

According reports, Councilman Christopher Marte plans to introduce a bill that will prohibit these apps from advertising 15-minute delivery times. The promise of super-fast delivery encourages couriers to break traffic laws, which would entail the risk of accidents, Marte said.

The bill should be ready in the next few weeks. It would be part of a larger legislative package addressing grocery apps. Marte said he has been pushing for bills that provide more benefits and protections for delivery workers, though he has not made his legislative goals public so far.

Services like Gorillas, Fridge No More and Jokr are among the apps promising lightning-fast 15-minute deliveries, though DoorDash is already testing a similar service in Manhattan.

The services manage fast deliveries thanks to their facilities covering a small radius, plus they hire full-time employees instead of temporary workers.

However, they also follow a small but growing series of e-bike accidents in New York City. At least 20 people have died in electric bike-related collisions in 2020. The bill won’t guarantee delivery drivers’ safety, but it could reduce the chances of them gambling with their health to get there on time, Councilman Marte estimates.

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