Citroen Ami, the low-cost electric car that can be driven without a license. The test drive

In the midst of Milan Design Week, Citroen presented its new born symbol of audacity and creativity: the Citroen AMI 100% electric. With this car, the French company wants to make the electric accessible to everyone and in Italy it will be available from mid-November on the Citroen website.


Virgilio Motori tested the little AMI in a 45-minute test-drive through the busy streets of the city. Driving it is really fun, just turn the key and select the D (drive) button to access all areas of the city, including those reserved for low-emission vehicles.

Thanks to its small size (2.41 m. Length, 1.39 m. Width) it offers great ease of parking area (thanks also to its ideal turning circle 7 meters). We appreciated the car’s extreme handling and its visibility facilitated by the large glass surfaces (windscreen, side windows and rear window) and the standard panoramic roof. At the click at the traffic lights, little Ami has her say but then it is better to keep to the right on the large avenues: her 6kW allows you to travel up to 45 km / h.

Despite its small size, driving feels protected, on a par with other vehicles on the road.

Thumb down instead for the session definitely uncomfortable and without padding, the visibility against the sun and the poor absorption in walking the old paved streets of Milan are also bad.


Access on board is facilitated by large doors, identical on both sides of Ami – 100% ëlectric. Inside the space is optimized to propose a functional interior. The two symmetrical seats are in an offset position, to offer a real sensation of space and comfort in movement to each of the occupants.

The storage compartments are rationally distributed in the passenger compartment. The designers have created a niche at the passenger’s feet to store a cabin-sized luggage and another storage area in the rear. The acoustic system is limited to a Logitech-designed mobile speaker.


The 5.5 kWh lithium-ion battery, located under the floor, is easily recharged with the electric cable provided on board, positioned in the passenger side door. After connecting the cable, 3 hours are enough for a full charge with a common 220 V socket, the same used to recharge your mobile phones. The guaranteed autonomy is 75 km.


During the press conference we were told how Ami, 100% electric, is accessible even from the age of 14 in Italy with patents AM (the best known license).


But let’s get to the costs. Citroën introduces a great novelty by proposing an electric mobility solution with a price positioning that has never been seen before, with differentiated offers. There is an offer with monthly fees ranging from 12 to 48 months, after which Ami can be returned.

– With the 2020 state eco-bonus, the offer includes 35 monthly fees from € 19.99 / month (with a first rent of € 1,990 – all values ​​are VAT included, not including insurance).

-With state eco-bonus 2020 + vehicle scrapping (category “L” before EU3), the offer includes 35 monthly fees of € 19.99 / month (with a first fee of € 1,260 – all values ​​are VAT included, not included insurance).

For those looking to buy in Italy it will also be possible to buy Ami starting from 5.430 euro (VAT included) with state eco-bonus 2020.


Another feature of Ami – 100% ëlectric, is its possibility of delivery directly to the customer’s home. No need to travel. Delivery is made at home through dedicated partners (GEFCO). This service includes an Ami presentation of approximately 30 minutes.



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