Citizenship income to those who killed Willy: “Enough checks to delinquents”

Citizenship income to the mafia, as long as without declared work, and no help for traders, craftsmen, VAT numbers, businesses, workers on their knees. There are no more words to describe the 5 Star Movement and their ideology destructive, they must be sent home immediately“. This is the very harsh attack arrived by the Forist deputy Giorgio Mulè, who expressed himself after the recent press reports according to which the Bianchi brothers – accused of voluntary murder for the death of Willy – would have pocketed the citizenship income. words of Mara Carfagna, vice president of Come on Italy to the Chamber: “It is not the first time that we have discovered that ‘delinquency income’ ends up in the pockets of criminals and former terrorists. It is not the first time that the Cinquestelle pretend nothing has happened, continuing to claim a measure that was badly thought out and made worse“.

On the matter she intervened as well Giorgia Meloni, who bitterly commented on the rumors on his social profiles: “I learn from the press that the four arrested for Willy’s murder were getting citizenship income. But they drove in SUVs and in expensive clothes. Willy, a boy from a humble family, worked late in the kitchen of a restaurant. Is that okay?“. Immediate reaction of Matteo Salvini who spoke in no uncertain terms to Pasquale Tridico, whom he criticized for his work during the Coronavirus emergency: “They have not yet paid the layoffs in April and May, but from the INPS they gave citizenship income to the four criminals. The INPS president resigns and the government apologizes“.

Everything had already been anticipated by Augusto Minzolini. “There is a very accredited rumor that the 4 thugs who massacred poor Willy in Colleferro benefited from citizenship income. If it were true it would be another masterpiece of grillism. Of those to be framed“, had revealed the behind-the-scenes de the newspaper before the official. And a pentastellato supporter had wasted no time in taking offense: “These reasonings can only be done by a mentally ill person“. But the reporter’s reply was lapidary:”His is a bitch’s income. Take the money and at least don’t break the grip“.

The good life of the Whites “

Holidays in Palma de Mallorca, boat experience on the island of Palmarola, drinking champagne, tour on the Amalfi Coast and in Positano in a hotel with breakfast and a breathtaking view, car with driver to transfer during the evenings to places to toast and eat, Umbrian resort from 250 euros per night in the Marsciano countryside, fashionable clothes and luxury without brakes. The question arises: how did the Whites manage to collect the Basic income? Inps it would have been enough to view the stories on the profile Instagram Gabriele, for example, to realize that probably the two brothers did not need financial help from the state.

Yet they were considered to be people below the poverty line to be provided with assistance. It seems that the same situation also concerns the father and the other two arrested for the murder of Willy (22 year old Mario Pincarelli and 23 year old Francesco Belleggia). The request would have been made by the respective heads of families who could now be investigated in case of false statements. The boys had repeatedly flaunted watches and various designer clothes: that’s why theasset investigation, ordered by the prosecutor of Velletri with the intent to clarify.

“Willy kicked and punched”

Before the mad beating of the 20-year-old the prosecutors had opened five investigative files for Marco and three for Gabriele: shop drugs, injuries, brawls and carrying objects capable of offending one; dealing, fighting and threats for each other. In particular, Marco in May 2018 was arrested by the carabinieri of Velletri for drugs. Meanwhile, the Municipality of Colleferro has organized a torchlight procession to commemorate Willy Monteiro Duarte and continues the collection funds to support family expenses.

As reported by the Corriere della Sera, the autopsy would have ascertained that the young man would have been kicked and punched, with “the attackers who climbed onto his body when he was helpless“, beating him with “a series of repeated blows“. The brawl, which broke out on the night between 5 and 6 September in Colleferro, would have been caused by futile reasons: according to what was revealed by Federico Zurma, the friend Willy wanted to help when he realized he was arguing with other young people , three of their friends would have been “vulgarly apostrophized by some boys“. The Bianchi brothers would then have hit him with kicks and punches even while he was on the ground.

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