Cities: Corona checks are becoming more and more aggressive

Worrying results from the 15 largest cities in Germany: Opponents of Corona measures are becoming increasingly loud and violent during controls, they complain.

Employees of public order offices and the police complain of increasingly aggressive behavior on the part of citizens when checking Corona measures. This was the result of a survey by “Welt am Sonntag” among the 15 largest cities in Germany. Municipalities reported an increasing lack of understanding, verbal conflicts and, in some cases, physical attacks when employees checked compliance with the mask requirement and distance requirements.

“In principle, mask controls in particular are always accompanied by discussions in around 98 percent of cases,” a spokesman for the city of Frankfurt am Main told the newspaper. “In very few cases there is insight here.” A spokesman for the city of Cologne said that people would react “more and more impatient and irritable” to controls. “Some of the security staff were specifically spat at, bitten or otherwise physically attacked.”

“Opponents of the measures become aggressive much faster”

The cities of Düsseldorf, Leipzig, Dortmund, Essen, Nuremberg and Duisburg are also reporting increasing levels of aggression. Especially if fines were threatened, conflicts would arise.

“Opponents of the Corona measures and also unreasonable people are now aggressive much faster than a few months ago,” said Oliver Malchow, Federal Chairman of the Police Union (GdP), the “Welt am Sonntag”. “That ends quickly with insults, coughing or attacks on the officers.”

Brawl in a Leipzig bar

According to the police, such an incident occurred on Saturday night in Leipzig: guests in a bar there had resisted a corona check with violent attacks on police officers. Three officers were injured in the operation, two of them had to be treated in hospital, the police said. The attackers only let off an officer who was already on the ground when another police officer fired a warning shot.

According to the information, the criminal police are now investigating for breach of the peace, dangerous bodily harm and resistance to law enforcement officers.



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