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I not long ago posted articles on specialized analysis, I wonder if it would make you sense a very little little bit? It can help that when you no for a longer time hear to other folks speaking about steps more than there, the concern of which bowl cake channel is no extended there? Are you curious about how to use it?

In the recent dialogue team, everybody mentioned Baguan, so I will appear at the photograph and chat, what must I say, and I will not be a reference for acquiring and advertising, but I will only share the technical assessment that I wrote as a scenario!

1. Bollinger channel

Far too significantly:

A. The center rail (regular line) is an uptrend

B. At the moment, the share selling price is nevertheless on the upper channel and considering the fact that September 2nd there has been a Kaiblin and the share rate has a solid uptrend alongside the upper track. According to Bollinger channel practice, if Dad retains inventory, he will hold out for the stock value to leave the higher keep track of and initiate some adjustments.

2. Chips


A. The participation of 400 huge traders is repeatedly reducing and the participation of retail buyers with fewer than 400 shares has greater!

B. Looking at the sub-goods, we can locate that there is a unique Yuanda Dunnan sub-item that sells all the way by way of. I will not know if it really is the authentic shareholder. How can there be so many stocks to provide?

3. Normal

Way too much

A. The month-to-month moving average is mounting and the inventory cost is earlier mentioned all going averages most of the time

B. The 5-working day line crosses the 10-working day line and the inventory selling price has remained earlier mentioned the 5-day line. Shorter-time period individuals can improve their positions when the 5-day line falls underneath the 10-day line.

4 、 MACD

As well a great deal

A. It has long been in purple bean sprouts

B. At the moment, bean sprouts are longer than many others, so they can be viewed as as lengthy as very long as the bean sprouts shrink and transform inexperienced.

5. Soaring assistance line

As the inventory rate craze has become more powerful, the assist line can be redrawn centered on the inventory price tag pattern, but the slope of the final crimson line is much too steep and the inventory selling price will fall down below of any fluctuations, so in accordance to the latest market place, it is a lot more appropriate to be The slope is around 45 levels, so I will acquire the green line as the present support line.

Based mostly on the over examination, Baguan is nevertheless technically bullish at the minute. The only worry is that chips are little by little flowing into retail buyers. I would counsel wanting at the inventory lending and inventory lending predicament, mainly because this file is made up of convertible bonds, dad.The content they wrote about the romance among the two are as follows:

Also, if dad wishes to action in now, I’ll set a quit loss cost (76.9 + 81.3) /2=79.1, the midpoint of a significant variety of pink K’s on 9/2, simply because at the time it drops beneath 79.1, it means this substantial quantity of purchases Half of the folks are blocked and, when unblocked, are inclined to unblock and offer.

And the concentrate on cost? I would consider 76.7+ (76.7-60.7) = 92.7, why? Simply because in accordance to the product, 76.7 is the neckline, breaking the neckline and grabbing 1: 1 will suit the price tag at 92.7.

So, if I purchase at 82.1, my threat-reward ratio will be (82.1-79.1) 🙁 92.7-82.1) = 3000: 10600

Nonetheless, the earlier mentioned is a prepare and the true implementation have to be finished according to the self-discipline, and if this threat ratio is really worth it, I assume everyone’s danger tolerance stage is various and it may be up to you to make a decision. Then I repeat that this title, my father has not examined the fundamentals, purely technical rationalization, I will not intervene, because I have not totally analyzed titles that are not on my radar, in observe I do not touch.

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