Circulation of an audio recording of the late artist George Al-Rassi that includes the technique of his loss of life two times prior to the accident

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Pioneers of social networking web-sites shared an audio clip attributed to the late Lebanese artist, George Al-Rassi, throughout which he was anticipated to die in a car or truck accident.

In the clip, the voice of the artist, George Al-Rassi, is read with 1 of the representatives of the insurance firms, who asks him to pace up the completion of the insurance strategies for his car or truck.

He reported in the course of the audio recording, I will not want to see Syria devoid of coverage for my automobile.

The clip sparked a state of sadness on social media, in particular as the late artist’s expectations had already been fulfilled throughout the tragic incident that charge him his existence.

The deceased artist was killed just after getting still left in a terrible motor vehicle accident on a border highway although returning from Syria to Lebanon soon after reviving a live performance there, when his vehicle crashed into a concrete barrier in the center of the highway at the ‘sudden with out any avenue lights or signpost detect.

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