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Kia plans to stabilize its leading position in the global electric car market in response to rapidly growing consumer demand for the product. The brand will launch a diverse range of electric cars and partner with charging companies around the world to achieve this.

In line with Kia’s “Plan S” strategy, announced in early 2020, the brand plans to expand its range of electric cars to 11 models by 2025. Over the same period, revenue from electric car sales in Korea, North America and Europe should reach 20% of the total. By 2027, seven more electric car models would be released.

Kia has sold more than 100,000 electric cars since we started mass production of the Kia Ray EV in 2011. Since then, we have introduced many new electric cars to the global market and announced plans to accelerate this process in the coming years. By refocusing our business on electrification, we aim to increase revenue from electric cars by up to 25% of total global sales by 2029.

Kia President and CEO Ho Sung Song

The first of these cars with the code name “CV” will be intended for a wide global market and will be launched in 2021. The new model will have the same competitive quality and eye-catching design as other Kia cars, as well as outstanding driving performance and charging characteristics.

Kia’s “Plan S” strategy – transition to electrification

In January of this year, Kia unveiled its short- and long-term strategy, Plan S, outlining the brand’s development, which focuses on strengthening its global position in the electric car segment, as well as manufacturing, sales and service innovations.

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Kia Motors expects major changes to realize Plan S. The new CV model, scheduled to be launched in 2021, will embody the brand’s approach to innovation and change, presenting a new design direction that will show Kia’s transformation into a new electric car strategy. Kia’s new design philosophy includes progress, diversity and a combination of different contrasting elements.

Kia will introduce innovations in the planning, development and production phases that will reflect and take into account the different needs of consumers. Kia plans to respond to market demands by offering product diversification – a range of models suitable for cities; long journeys; for fast driving. What’s more, by adapting the new E-GMP (Electric – Global Modular Platform), Kia will be able to provide the best cabin capacity in its class.

Kia Motors is also looking for ways to improve its electric car sales practices. The brand is exploring the possibility of creating a subscription service to offer consumers a variety of purchasing options; battery leasing and rental programs, as well as, for example, the “second life” battery business.

In addition, Kia Motors plans to expand its global electric vehicle service infrastructure. In Korea, it is planned to create up to 1,200 self-service places by 2030, while in the rest of the world by the end of this year 600, and by 2023 – more than 2,000 places. Kia also plans to implement its own repair professional training program.

Kia sees the development of charging station infrastructure as a prerequisite for the promotion of electric cars, so the company will continue to operate worldwide to improve the availability of charging. In Europe, Kia will create more than 2,400 new charging stations in cooperation with dealerships. In the future, Kia plans to increase the number of charging stations in parallel with the expansion of the electric car market.

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In addition, Kia is partnering with strategic alliances, for example by investing last September IONITY (European company specializing in fast charging). Kia is also looking for partners in the United States and China to provide the right infrastructure for each location, as well as to collaborate on new charging technologies.

Kia’s efforts to stabilize its leading position in the global electric car market are complemented by active cooperation with various governments and also with commercial partners. A start-up company has been established this spring Purple M (it specializes in the provision of personalized e-services), it is planned to expand cooperation with various government organizations in order to, for example, discuss the transition of public transport to electronic security and develop charging infrastructure.

Charged opinion

In my opinion, the most important thing in this press release was the phrase “second life” in the battery business. There is a lot to hide under it. However, it should be noted that basically all electric car manufacturers expect used batteries to start one way or another in this business. Used batteries do not come back and have to work with new ones.

Maybe you should still look at their Kia CV. It is said to be cheaper than e-Niro and e-Soul. If it is cheaper than Enyaq and offers good parameters, then we can expect Kia to fight for demand again. And if history shows us anything, then in Latvia we will not see it for a long time. For example, e-Niro is only now available, but e-Soul is not for us to see. I am particularly sorry about the latter.

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In any case, 20% by 2025 seems an achievable target. Hardly what sister company Hyundai will offer in the near future… Is the long-forgotten Saga comparable to the i20 Active?

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