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Cinthia Fernández recounted the details of the mysterious breakup of Agustina Agazzani and Martín Baclini


With his usual sharp tongue, Cinthia Fernández spoke on “LAM” about the call for Agustina Agazzani for him “Singing 2020” “Do you know that I am average brujeli? I was looking at them, I got to the second envelope and I said, isn’t this kid? And, is it called, is it a fact? Well, it’s good, poor thing, we left her without ‘Dancing’ between Martín and me, but hey, have the opportunity, ”he said ironically.

In this sense, the future participant of the Marcelo Tinelli He commented on the details of how the end of the fleeting romance between the model and Martin Baclini. “They say it didn’t end well. I understand, it came to me that one of the parties had been blocked, in fact I think he does not follow it. Something happened, find out ”, the dancer shot this Wednesday with a very mysterious tone.

Regarding the chances of reconciliation with Baclini, Cinthia maintained: “I never said that I would reconcile. I am half a boludona, but I never confirmed that he would want to, in fact I bludgeoned him to death for an hour and a half telling him everything I had to say. It seems to me that my word has no weight. Obviously I owe a chat, he called late but he called, it was the right thing to do and that’s it. ”

“I have a lot of anger. Surely it will happen, because otherwise it is a lack of respect for a person with whom I was two years, but more than anything to know if he used me or not, which is what I am most interested in knowing. Later, I still have the same love for her family, I miss them very much, that does not mean that things happened and it seems to me that out of respect for whether I felt true love, I could speak and I will speak for sure . But it does not mean that I will return, “he continued.

Finally, the panellist was a little more spicy about Agazzani’s participation in the “Singing”. “I have the first topic for Agustina, I already solved her life. And instead I sang, this was played in all the discos. It fits a lot, it is a little more neighborhood, I because it is a model, capable that it does not want, but this breaks it “, said Cinthia when mentioning her bizarre song” The dental floss “.



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