Cinema opening from March 22nd? The government’s new (ver) roadmap is in place

In the evening yesterday, the federal government once again announced new plans with which Germany would finally like to find its way out of the pandemic. If you really want to call these plans that. Anyone who understands the hopeless mess can truly pat themselves on the back. Respect!

What one understands directly: the art and culture industry, as well as gastronomy and a large part of the retail trade, are being washed away once more. Although a lot of time and money was invested in successful hygiene concepts last summer, stay tight for the time being.

But if you can believe the current timetable (which is constantly changing anyway), cinemas should be able to reopen from March 22nd with very, very, very good luck. Make the mega-battle Godzilla vs. Kong about to jump onto the screen after all?

The prerequisite for this is an incidence below 100. In addition, cinema-goers must submit a daily quick test or self-test (because the government has ordered so many of them … * irony off *). If the incidence falls below 50, the daily rapid or self-tests should be omitted.

The emphasis, of course, is that March 22nd is the earliest possible date. How the cinemas should stay afloat by then, we are still not really further with regard to the holey Corona aid. And it is also questionable whether a visit to the cinema may be so tempting for many visitors only after a test result has been presented. Apart from the possible costs.

Since the government’s plans and thus the requirements are constantly changing, the dream of going to the cinema can be shattered very quickly anyway. Maybe we will have to sacrifice a holy pineapple and dance three times in a circle before the curtains open again – or the art and culture industry is sustainably helped in another way.

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