News Cinema in the square, Ama destroys the anti-covid pitches...

Cinema in the square, Ama destroys the anti-covid pitches in San Cosimato


Ama damages the summer event Cinema in the square in San Cosimato, in Trastevere. This is the complaint of the Piccolo America association which today, returning to the site that will host screenings until August 30, has found the pitches destroyed. On one of those pitches he sat yesterday the President of the Council of Ministers Giuseppe Conte, to follow the projection of “La Bella Vita” by Paolo Virzì, presented by the same director together with Sabrina Ferilli.

The pitches on the pedestrian pavement of Piazza San Cosimato, designed to enforce anti-covid regulations, were created by Piccolo America together with the school’s illustrators Workshop B5 by Lorenzo Terranera, taking into account that the Capitoline regulation does not allow cleaning of the area with mechanical cars, but with sweeping and manual washing.

“A very serious act on the part of a public company”, attacks Valerio Carocci, president of Piccolo America, “who should take care of making squares, parks and streets of Rome better and cleaner and which, instead, against any form of respect for of the city, of its citizens, but also of us cultural operators, in order to carry out a job in the shortest time possible and with less effort it makes fun of every rule in force “.

“What happened today”, concludes Carocci, “is damage to our association and our event and therefore we have sent our reference law firm to take action against them for compensation for all the damages suffered and suffered”.

The “Cinema in the square”, summer 2020 in safety: anti-Covid measures and reservations required




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