Cindy Crawford Redo Sexy Pepsi Commercial (1992) for Charity

In exactly the same way as the two boys in the iconic 1992 Pepsi commercial, we as prepubescents admired the heavenly Cindy Crawford. Now, almost thirty years later, the now 55-year-old supermodel is doing it all over again.

Wow, this woman just doesn’t seem to age. Yet there is indeed a difference. This time all the money will go to charity.

The iconic Pepsi commercial with Cindy Crawford

Cindy Crawford was the supermodel of the 90s. Everyone remembers the Levi’s commercials about her. Playboy-shoot but to be silent. She walked fashion shows for the biggest designers, appeared on all magazine covers worldwide, dated George Clooney and delighted us in 1992 with this iconic Pepsi ad.

In many cases, clothes make the man or woman, but with Cindy Crawford it is of course the other way around. A simple white top and cropped jeans elevated her to the highest form of haute couture in the Pepsi ad.

Remake for a good cause

And in the remake she just does it again. Cindy Crawford returned to the original Halfway House, took a sip from a can of Pepsi, and the rest is history.

“Together with photographer and friend David Yarrow, I relived the 1992 Pepsi moment to raise money for the American Family Children’s Hospital in Madison Wisconsin. There my brother was treated for leukemia. So far, with the help of David’s gallery network around the world that supports the art and its sale, we’ve already raised $1 million for charity,” said Cindy Crawford.

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In addition to the photo, she also shared a Story. And rest assured, there’s more of this to come. love her Instagram closely monitor.

Daughter Kaia Gerber in her footsteps

Cindy Crawford, who married Rande Gerber in 1998, has a daughter who has followed in her footsteps as a supermodel. meet Kaia Gerber, who also made her debut as an actress in a Netflix series this year.

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Cindy Crawford redo iconic Pepsi (1992) commercial for charity


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