Ciclista, Villa Miter and La Unión, the winners of the Argentine championship

southern conference

Del Progresso 69 – Villa Miter 74

Villa Miter beats General Roca and wins 74-69 against Del Progreso. Alvaro Chervo was the figure with 23 points. Julián Ruíz’s 21 units did not arrive in the premises.

Official match score

La Union 81 – Pico FC 80

Cyclist 83 – Zarate Basket 62

The cyclist gave an enormous display of character as he beat Zárate 83-62 at home. Franco Chiabotto was the protagonist with 15 points and 6 rebounds in a team with very distributed scoring. In the visit the best were the 16 units of Agustín Brocal.

Official match score

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