“Ciamis Resident Dies from Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever, Health Office Urges PSN 3M Plus”

hoperakyat.com, – The Ciamis District Health Office, West Java, noted that one Ciamis resident died due to positive Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever (DHF), in May 2023.

“It is true that one resident aged 73 years died after being positive for Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever. That was the result of the diagnosis while being treated at the Ciamis Hospital,” said the Head of the P2P Division of the Ciamis Health Office, Edis Herdis, Monday (29/5/2023).

Edis continued, with this incident, the Sadananya Health Center immediately carried out fogging at the endemic location in Depok Hamlet, Sukajadi Village. Fogging is to get rid of adult mosquitoes that cause dengue.

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In fact, his party also conducted inspections by looking for larvae with a radius of 100 meters from the houses of residents who were positive for DHF.

As for the results of the inspection, his party found mosquito larvae that cause DHF nest in used goods that can hold water. That is, close the jar and keep it in front of the house.

Because according to him, DHF mosquito larvae like still and clean water. Meanwhile, if you can’t in the pond, because there are predators, namely fish.

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So, he said, when there is used goods that contain water, it is immediately possible to spill the water and bury the used goods.

“The area is densely populated. So that the spread of dengue mosquitoes is definitely there. So the cleanliness of the environment must be improved every day by local residents, “he said.

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Therefore, his party appealed to residents to carry out the Eradication of Mosquito Nests (PSN) 3 M plus regularly every day.

“So that in that way, we can suppress the spread of positive cases of DHF in densely populated areas in Ciamis district,” he concluded. (Es/R5/HR-Online/Editor: Adi Karyanto)

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