Chuu’s recent situation revealed by Na Tae-joo…still a bright smile

picture explanationChuu’s recent situation after leaving Loona has been revealed. Photo|Instagram by Na Tae-joo

Former LOONA member Chuu’s recent status has been revealed.

Chuu’s current situation was revealed on the 9th through singer Na Tae-joo’s Instagram.

On this day, Na Tae-joo said, “With Kim Ji-chu, who is so kind and brilliant. Hi Chukkumi. Taekwondo class is over. See you on YouTube Watch Chuu at 18:00″ along with a photo taken with Chuu.

In the photo, Na Tae-joo and Chuu, dressed in taekwondo uniforms, smile happily in front of the camera. Chuu showed lovely charm with a cold smile. Although he was unexpectedly kicked off the team, his bright smile without a shadow left an impression.

Chuu was officially kicked out of LOONA on the 25th of last month. Blockberry Creative said on the official fancafe, “Recently, there have been reports of abuse of power, such as Chuu’s abusive language towards our staff. We have decided to kick Chuu out of the show.”

However, Chuu said, “I have not been contacted nor do I know anything about the series of situations so I am aware of the situation but what is clear is that I have not done anything embarrassing for the fans. As soon as the location is decided in the future, I will say it again,” she denied the agency’s official stance.

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