Churches offer help in second wave • Police and boas will be more strict

In a letter to the cabinet, dozens of churches and Christian organizations have offered to help with the second corona wave. They write that they are available in “all cities, towns and neighborhoods across the country” and are willing to make available buildings and volunteers, among other things.

“We do not want anyone in our country – whether religious, otherwise religious or non-religious – to go through this difficult time in solitude and without charity,” states the letter, which is signed by the Protestant Church and the Roman Catholic Church.

The letter writers, who say they represent about 6 million Dutch people, emphasize that they had already joined forces in the ‘Not alone’ initiative in the first corona wave and now want to do it again. “Perhaps it is extra tough now that the days are getting shorter, we do not know how long the partial lockdown will be needed and we have no prospect of a definitive end to this crisis.”

In the letter, the organizations propose to talk to the cabinet to discuss where the help is most welcome.

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