CHUANG 2021 Fierce battle, Thai young man Patrick vs. Li Jiaqiang

CHUANG 2021 Fierce battle, Thai young man Patrick vs. Li Jiaqiang

CHUANG 2021, opening round of battle against boiling, Thai trainee Patrick shows off his skill. Li Jiaqiang, the Chinese trainee, reached the stage of tears.

Really intense every minute for the show “CHUANG 2021” (range two zeros, two, one) The list of new boy bands decorated with the biggest entertainment industry in China, only 11 people out of more than 90 contestants, this time with 2 Thai children competing as follows: “Mr.” Kornchit Bunstit Phakdee and “Patrick” Natthawan Finkler

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After reaching all 11 class A trainees, the Mentor team announced a special battle round. Mentor chose a challenge trainer with a class A trainee if the selected trainee lost. The tournament must immediately be sent to an F class trainee, which is the lowest class.


Li Jiaqiang – Patrick

Surprise battles must be given to the couple. “Patrick” Thai trainee with “Li Jiaxiang” (Li Jiaxiang) Chinese trainee which “Patrick” Was picked up for the battle by “Mentor Deng Chao” by “Patrick” Choose to sing songs that they have written and composed To show both sound power and rapping skills like “Thinkin ’bout You” competing with the dance of “Li Jiaqiang” Where the result is equal Therefore there must be a second battle round


Patrick Show


Li Jiaqiang Show

by “Patrick” Show dance skills “Like This” song that is sexy and swaying to call the buzz while “Li Jiaqiang” Choose to sing and listen comfortably “your love” by Li JiaqiangWin with 37 votes per 26 votes. “Mentor Deng Chao” Spoke encouragement and went in to hug for consolation “Patrick” untilPatrickTo shed tears that make me disappointed while “Neneporn thousands of thousands” Was encouraging “Patrick” As well, causing tears to flow as well


Mentor consoled Patrick




Mr. console

There will also be battles between 4 other pairs of trainees: “Oscar” and “Dai Shaodong” Oscar won 59 votes against 15.




Yu Yang

Continue with “Liu Zhang” (Liu Zhang) and “Yu Yang”. This round“Yu Yang” Win with 44 votes per 33 votes.


Yu Geng Yin

The third pair is “Zhou Keyu” and “Yu Gengyin” by “Yu Geng Yin”Won with 52 votes per 21 votes

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Later couple “Mika” and “Bo Yuan” by “Bo Yuan” Win with 49 votes per 18 votes.

Next week will be the first round of performances in front of an audience. The mentor team gave a total of 14 songs and gave the trainees the opportunity to choose the songs they would like to perform by themselves in the order of the votes in the first round. Which Thai trainees like “Mr” Choose “Yummy (Justin Bieber)” and “Patrick” Choose the song “Radio (Henry Lau)”, what will the work be? Must be followed to watch in EP.3

For trainees chosen as “A-class trainees”, ordered by votes in the first stage. Santa 94 votes Bo Yuan 93 votes Li Jiaxiang 93 votes Rikimaru 93 votes Han Peiquan 92 votes Hu Yetao 92 votes Yu Gengyin 92 votes Liu Yu 90 points Yu Yang 90 points Lin Mo (Lin Mo) 89 points andOscar 84 votes

For the Popular Vote results rankings in Thailand via the Vote Channel on WeTV (updated on February 25 at 11:00 AM), the trainees who received the highest votes were “Patrick” Followed by “Mr” Coming in number 2



As for the overall voting results ranking of the program in China last week (updated on February 25 at 11:00 AM), the trainees who received the most votes were “Mika” (Mika) For two young Thai trainees “Mr.” and “Patrick” Has been voted on at 13th and 21st, respectively. See this for fans. Thai people can send support and encouragement to both boys easily through WeTV every day.

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list CHUANG 2021 EP. 3 will be broadcasted into 2 episodes on Wednesday 3 and Saturday March 6 at 6:00 pm with China, with Thai fans able to cheer And votes at any time of the broadcast for the entire 10 weeks for the first round of voting. Submit points until March 14, 64 at 9:00 AM and will announce the 55 trainees who have received the highest points who have qualified for the next round in EP.5 on Saturday, March 20, 2021. You can also follow the highlights. And news from the program in a timely manner through all social media channels of WeTV Thailand

Send cheer by voting for your favorite CHUANG 2021 trainees via And watch CHUANG 2021 for free via

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