Chrystia Freeland to replace Bill Morneau at Finance

Canadian Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland, who led the negotiations on the new NAFTA with the United States, to be appointed Minister of Finance on Tuesday the day after Bill Morneau resigned, according to several Canadian media.

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Ms. Freeland will become the first woman to hold the post of Minister of Finance in Canada, crucial as the country goes through its worst economic crisis since World War II due to the coronavirus pandemic, according to CTV and CBC channels.

A mini-cabinet reshuffle will be announced Tuesday afternoon in Ottawa, we learned from a government source. Ms Freeland, a 52-year-old former journalist, is expected to keep her post as deputy prime minister, according to CTV.

Ms. Freeland has already held several positions in the government of Justin Trudeau, in International Trade and then in the Department of Foreign Affairs where she was responsible for negotiations with the United States and Mexico on the new North American free trade agreement.

Mr. Morneau announced Monday evening, after a meeting with Justin Trudeau, that he was leaving the government, after the media have reported for several weeks growing tensions between the two men over the management of the economic recovery.

The Minister of Finance is also targeted by an investigation by the Canadian Ethics Commissioner into his links with the charitable association We Charity (United in French) which employed his daughter, and to which the government had awarded a major contract without appeal. offers.

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This survey also targets the Prime Minister whose mother, brother and wife were paid by this association to the tune of approximately $ 300,000 in total for their participation in various events.

The opposition has been demanding for several weeks the resignation of Mr. Morneau, but also that of the Prime Minister, whom it accuses of having pushed its Minister of Finance to resign.

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