Chronology of the Cancellation of Persipura Jayapura Participating in the Menpora Cup PT LIB Version Page all

KOMPAS.comPT Liga Indonesia Baru ( PT LIB) open your voice about the decision Persipura Jayapura withdraws from the pre-season tournament Menpora Cup 2021.

Persipura Jayapura officially decided not to take part in Menpora Cup 2021.

The Mutiara Hitam Team said that there were obstacles regarding communication with the organizers of the Menpora Cup and parties from PT LIB.

This was conveyed directly by the Chairman of Persipura, Benhur Tomi Mano, according to an official statement received by on Tuesday (9/3/2021).

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Benhur Tomi Mano also said that PT LIB gave Persipura a week-long deadline to ensure its participation in this tournament.

However, the high-ranking Mutiara Hitam team member emphasized that he would withdraw his team from the opening event for the 2021 season.

Meanwhile, PT LIB also confirmed that communication problems made Persipura withdraw from the Menpora Cup.

PT LIB finally explained the chronology that made Mutiara Hitam team cancel the tournament.

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This was conveyed by the President Director of PT LIB, Akhmad Hadian Lukita, through an official statement via the official website PSSI, Thursday (11/3/2021) afternoon WIB.

The following is the chronology of Persipura’s resignation from the 2021 Menpora Cup according to PT LIB:

February 24, 2021 – In the letter number 004 / PT.PP / II / 2021, Persipura asked for some information that would be taken into consideration before participating in the 2021 Menpora Cup.

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First, the Mutiara Hitam team asked about methods or procedures grouping and the placement of participants who will be carried out.

Second, the inclusion of nominal prizes for winners as the basis for openness.

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Third, Persipura is known to have asked for additional accommodation assistance from the organizers of the Menpora Cup because the initial nominal was very insufficient for the team’s needs.

“Assistance for transportation costs of Rp 100,000,000 is very far from the value we will spend as transportation costs,” reads the Persipura letter on the third point.

“We go and return the location home Menpora Cup 2021, the cost we spend for the round trip is around Rp. 320,000,000. “

“Therefore, regarding transportation assistance, we offer two options to OC (Organizing Committee), that is, to meet the cost requirement (Rp. 320,000,000) or buy tickets and pay for our baggage. “

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March 1, 2021 – Regarding the letter, the organizer then followed up by sending an answer to the letter numbered 006 / LIB-COR / III / 2021.

The contents of the letter explain that the transportation costs that Persipura will receive can only go up to IDR 150,000,000.

“The cost consideration is adjusted to take into account the geographic factors of the club and the financial condition of the organizing committee,” reads the official letter of the Menpora Cup OC.

PT LIB then informed that there was a four-day break to reply to the letter from Persipura (February 25-28).

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The reason is, they must first coordinate with PSSI regarding the answers that must be given to Persipura.

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February 27-28 are Saturdays-Sundays (holidays) so there are no office activities.

March 5, 2021 – OC sent a letter to Persipura to follow the manager meeting and drawing Menpora Cup to be held on March 8, 2021.

March 8, 2021 – Persipura sent a confirmation by letter number 009 / PT.PP / III / 2021 explaining why they could not participate in the 2021 Menpora Cup.

The letter contains Persipura’s complaint to OC Trophy Menpora regarding the delay in sending a reply letter.

“This is related to the delay of the 2021 Menpora Cup OC in responding to several things that we consider important to decide our participation in the 2021 Menpora Cup,” said the reply.

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March 8, 2021 – OC deploys manager meeting (without representatives from Persipura) and keep doing drawing.

About the agenda drawing, OC continues to announce Persipura so that the Mutiara Hitam team change its decision and attend the 2021 Menpora Cup event.

March 9, 2021 – OC sent a letter to Persipura number 041 / LIB-COR / III / 2021 regarding an apology and hopes for Persipura’s participation in the Menpora Cup.

In addition, the letter also provided an explanation as to why OC was late in sending the letter.

It was explained that the OC needs to coordinate regarding the policies that need to be taken in determining steps based on a request from Persipura.

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Meanwhile, apart from requests for additional accommodation from Persipura, other matters have been answered in a letter numbered 004 / LIB-COR / III / 2021 which was sent to all clubs on 1 March.


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