Chronology of the Army Stepping on the Head of the Komnas Papua and Indonesian Air Force version

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia —

Head office Komnas HAM Papuan representative, Frits Ramandey explained the chronology of the army’s actions TNI AU stepped on the head of a resident in Merauke, Papua.

Frits said the chronology of events was obtained from Komnas HAM Papua partners in Merauke. He did not mention the identity of the partner who revealed the chronology of the incident.

According to the partner version of Komnas HAM, the incident began when the victim who was trampled on his head came to a shop on Jalan Raya Mandala-Muli, Merauke on Monday (26/7).

The victim then had an argument with several people there. The findings of Komnas HAM representatives from Papua, the victim is a deaf disabled person. Because of these limitations, he said, the victim when the difference of mouth made a protest gesture.

“He kind of made a protest gesture because someone was there who kicked him out. Because one of the people there said he was [korban] want to threaten the seller in the shop there. So they throw each other out and fight,” said Frits to, Wednesday (28/7).

Frits admitted that in his chronology he did not know the victim’s motive for visiting the shop.

He also did not deny that there are several versions of the chronology. One version says the commotion was caused by a victim who was allegedly drunk.

When the difference of mouth occurred, two members of the Indonesian Air Force came to the shop. Then, said Frits, the two soldiers who were later identified as Second Sergeant (Serda) with the initials A and Private Two (Prada) with the initials V immediately secured the victim.

According to Frits, when he was arrested, the victim did not put up any resistance at all. Instead, the victim screamed for mercy.

“Locking his hands in a painful way. Even though he had shouted in his gestures for forgiveness,” he said.

In the video footage that has gone viral, a TNI AU soldier locks the victim’s hand. Another soldier stepped on the victim’s head.

“If we watch the video, he doesn’t put up any resistance. His hands are stepped on and his head is stepped on. That’s torture,” he said.

Frits assessed that the incident was actually not too threatening and should have been well controlled.

He also admitted that he had communicated with the Commander of the Cendrawasih Regional Military Command Major General Ignatius Yogo Triyono and the TNI Commander Marshal Hadi Tjahjanto regarding the incident.

“I also conveyed to the National Police Chief. The National Police Chief is paying attention. Because this can invite a wide reaction. Because in 2019 the incident invited many victims. It is extraordinary that the TNI Commander responded quickly.

The Indonesian Air Force said the victim whose head was stepped on was suspected to be drunk. Read next page….

Indonesian Air Force Version Chronology




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