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Chronology of Singapore’s Covid Rage Until It Breaks Another Record

Jakarta, CNBC IndonesiaSingapore again broke the new local Covid-19 case record. The number of new daily infections, through 328 cases, Tuesday (7/9/2021).

This is the highest daily infection in more than a year. The city-state has now reported more than 100 domestic cases daily for the past two weeks.

New cases in Singapore society have increased from 771 last week to 1,489 this week. The total active cases currently number 2,436.

How did the record rise happen yesterday?

Singapore recorded an increase in Covid-19 cases yesterday due to a new cluster emerging. Eight cases of infection were identified at an Islamic school, Madrasah Ersyad Zuhri Al-Islamiah along Braddell Road.

The increase in cases was also driven by eight bus intersection clusters, which now reached a total of 537 cases. Where yesterday there were 28 new cases recorded. This is almost double, from the time the case was identified August 31. At that time the total number of positive as many as 276 people.

Of all the bus crossing cases, the Toa Payoh Bus Interchange has the most cases with a total of 174. Yesterday, there were 13 new cases.

Another big cluster in Singapore is Bugis Junction. Where yesterday there were seven new cases, which caused a total of 291 people to be infected since Covid-19 was first discovered.

In total, Singapore has 53 active clusters. However, it turns out that there are 185 local cases that unlinked alias is not related to all the existing clusters yesterday.

“This number is the highest number of cases related during the pandemic to hit Singapore,” wrote local media The Strait Times.

There is no explanation why the case unlinked it increases. However, Singapore itself, has caught the Delta variant of corona.

Meanwhile, the Jurong Fishery Port/Hong Lim Market & Food Center cluster, which is currently the largest cluster in Singapore with a total of 1,155 cases, has been closed. This cluster was first detected July 16 and at its peak caused 100 cases per day.

Singapore said no cases had been detected since August 15. This resulted in quarantine rules being terminated in the area and cases closed.

according to Worldometers, Singapore has now recorded a total of 69,233 cases of infection and 55 deaths, since the Covid-19 pandemic began in 2020. Last year an explosion occurred at a migrant worker dormitory, which houses workers from South Asia.

Can Translucent 1000 Cases per Day

Meanwhile, Singapore’s Ministry of Health (MOH) is concerned about an exponential increase in cases in the country. Singapore’s Covid-19 Task Force Chairman Lawrence Wong said the country needed to take swift action to suppress cases and slow transmission.

He said as cases rise sharply there will be more cases in the ICU and more people dying from the virus. Therefore, Singapore will increase the frequency of tests, from once every two weeks to once a week starting next Monday.

“What concerns us is not only the absolute number of cases, but the rate of spread of the virus. And that is the reproductive rate, or R,” Wong said on Monday (6/9/2021).

“Right now R is more than one. Cases are doubling every week. If we continue this trajectory of infection, that means we could have 1,000 (daily) cases in two weeks, or maybe 2,000 (daily) cases in a month.”

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